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Diving into a multi-faceted suite of behavioral analytics, AI and big data is thrilling, leading to UX improvements for your visitors and higher ROI results for your brand, but it may seem daunting. Not to worry — it’s completely normal and we at Contentsquare understand. We are at your assistance with a range of support to best fit your needs. Whether you’re seeking basic FAQ or product training advice from our product experts, you’ll find it here. So get ready to launch a perfected UX for your customers. With Contentsquare you’ll never go it alone.

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Customer Success Team

Our customer success team is your go-to source for navigating through all of our UX analytics solutions. Each customer success manager is determined to build close relationships with our clients, assuring they get the customized support they need for a successful return on investment. This team of product experts is designed to regularly check up on you, giving you the proper roadmap and training to ensure optimal leverage of our platform. With a CSM (Contentsquare Manager), you’ll ease into our software, stay connected to address challenges and improve your UX strategy. Our CSMs will ensure you reap all the benefits of your UX investments.

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Training and Certification

Our training and certification program was designed to help our clients acclimate to our product quickly and nimbly. Our program will guide you from the start to implementation. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all at Contentsquare and as such, your path to adoption will be customized. Based on your own use cases and data, our training program will cater to your unique website and business needs. Our practice is tried and true, with a score of onboarded clients placing their trust in our suite of solutions. Start your journey to certification today.

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Our FAQ page is the ideal place for getting attuned to the basics of Contentsquare, whether you’re new to the software, are a seasoned user, or have just come upon our company and are interested in learning more. See what makes us tick and how we can help improve your UX and conversion goals. Find our technical and pricing information here too.

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By tracking every interaction, CS provides us with valuable KPIs: hesitation, friction, and engagement. This data is a tremendous source of insight which empowers our teams to fine-tune our segments and prioritise a change in optimisation to roll out.

Lesueur-Neidhardt International, E-Commerce and Media Director

In 2017 we’ll see an increase in ARR of around £900k just from this one insight, so it’s a huge win for us which we’d have never been able to easily see if it wasn’t for Contentsquare.

Craig Harris, Data & Analytics Manager, Clarks

By simplifying and improving the form, we achieved 48% more conversions. That's huge!

Anne-Laure Daniel, Marketing Manager France, Gazprom Energy