UX Performance Center

We’re not another analytics dashboard. Our AI-powered UX Performance Center delivers timely insights and actionable recommendations to you and your team.

Need to know whether your new Black Friday hero banner is generating revenue above the usual 3 percent? Skip the wait and dependency on data experts! The answer will wait in your inbox every morning, so you can start your workday with an impactful UX action.

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See How it Works

Our solution uses machine learning to automatically scan your data for changes and flag any behavioral deviations on your platform.

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Changes in user behavior trigger automatic recommendations of what to fix next and how to fix it.

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Speed to insight

Don’t waste time watching replays or swimming through a sea of data - let the insights come to you.

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Lighten the load

Our fast, actionable insights tell you which initiatives to prioritize next, saving you both time and resources.

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Get team buy-in

Share findings instantly and bring all hands on deck to accelerate profitable actions or tackle challenges.


Remove dependencies on time-consuming data analysis and get answers instantly so you can tackle optimization projects right away.


Our uniquely clear metrics turn even non-data analysts into UX experts, and allow everyone on the team to measure the impact of their digital actions.


Transform cross-team collaboration by leveraging CS’s highly visual reporting capabilities.

By tracking every interaction, CS provides us with valuable KPIs: hesitation, friction, engagement. This data is a tremendous source of insight which empowers our teams to fine-tune our segments and prioritize a change in optimization to roll out.

Lesueur-Neidhardt International, E-Commerce and Media Director

In 2017 we’ll see an increase in ARR of around £900k just from this one insight, so it’s a huge win for us which we’d have never been able to easily see if it wasn’t for Contentsquare.

Craig Harris, Data & Analytics Manager, Clarks

By simplifying and improving the form, we achieved 48% more conversions. That's huge!

Anne-Laure Daniel, Marketing Manager France, Gazprom Energy