Lookback Analysis

Contentsquare captures all behaviors automatically so you can analyze and quantify the impact across different segments and page versions at any point in time - without the need to spend time building tags or planning how to segment.

Retrospective analysis

Compare and quantify the behavior of different groups of visitors based on their content interactions without need for custom tagging. Get granular insights on how content influences behavior and journeys.

Retroactive page backgrounds

Automatically capture and compare current vs. historical versions of your pages side by side to quantify the impact of changes.

Freedom from Tagging

Automatically capture content elements and interactions - even when the site changes - without the need for additional tags, so you can later decide what to measure.

With Lookback Analysis, answer questions in minutes, not weeks

  • fast

    Understand impact faster with comparisons

    Use the insights from different versions of your site and how groups react to different content to accelerate the right experience to market.

  • increase

    Faster time to value

    Without the need to spend time building tags and segments, you get to the insights needed to make decisions and optimize your business more quickly.

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