Training and Certification

Our training and certification program guarantees a rapid path from kickoff to implementation, through product training and value-based training based on your own use cases.
Rapid path to autonomy, adoption, and ROI

• Value-based training programs using your own data and use cases to help you achieve the ContentSquare promise for your digital channels.
• Proven practice – we’ve successfully onboarded large numbers of clients who are now loyal and successful users.

A multi-channel training approach that puts your needs first

• In-person training with real-time reactivity to your needs and expectations.
• Self-train at your own pace thanks to our e-Learning environment.
• Regular check-ins mean your CSM are updated on your training needs.

Make the shift to a data-driven CX culture

• Boost digital team productivity by empowering all collaborators to measure their contribution to experience and outcomes.
• Co-created analysis priorities roadmap for your first year: combine your business priorities with ContentSquare’s automated algorithms to quickly identify your top UX gaps
• Train the trainer approach: utilize our eLearning environment to share knowledge across the whole company.

Leverage ContentSquare certification

• Our certification program enables teams to measure user proficiency and training results.
• Certification adds visibility to training progress.