Content Manager

Understand how audiences are connecting with your platform and see how much revenue your digital content is generating so you can better identify optimisation opportunities.


Guide content creation and allocate creative resources for maximum digital ROI.

Discover the WHY behind user behaviour
Accurately measure content performance. See which elements of your site drive or stall user engagement.
Kiss goodbye to guesswork. Let data inform your content creation strategy.
Get better ROI from campaigns. Discover where and why users struggle so you can maximize your content budget.
Get team buy-in. Share highly visual data with your entire team in just a few clicks.
Increase content team productivity. Empower everyone on your team to easily measure the impact of their contribution.
Get up close and personal with the reality of your users to produce the content they really want.
View our digital analytics benchmarks
Turn your team into digital native experts thanks to quick onboarding and team certification and a dedicated customer success team.
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