Acquisition Manager

Maximize ROI and conversion rates by accessing deeper understanding of user behaviour across all channels.


Optimize landing pages, generate leads for the business, ensure high performance for all traffic sources.

Discover the WHY behind user behaviour
Get better ROI from campaigns. Discover where and why users struggle so you can maximize your acquisition budget.
Achieve higher conversions. We add a layer of behavioral insight to your top segments, so you can build better-converting experiences.
Test performance of landing pages. Enhance your current testing and analytics tools with our seamless ecosystem integrations.
Get team buy-in. Share highly visual data with your entire team in just a few clicks.
Increase team productivity. Easy-to-read metrics mean everyone on the team can measure the impact of their actions.
Save time and resources. Remove your dependency on analysts - with CS, you have all the data (present and past) at your fingertips.
View our digital analytics benchmarks
Turn your team into digital native experts thanks to quick onboarding and team certification and a dedicated customer success team.
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