Improving Form Completion on Desktop

How to improve form completion on your desktop website?
The Challenge

One of our insurance clients was looking to improve form completion on their desktop site.

Using traditional analytics, they discovered a significant number of visitors were dropping off when asked to enter their personal details, but they were were unable to see why. Session replay tools had given them a limited insight into inpage behaviour, but they didn’t have the resource necessary to scale that insight.

Zoning tool showing
average click rate

The Solution

Using ContentSquare, the brand were able to segment visitors, comparing those who completed a form with those who didn’t. The brand then used ContentSquares’ ‘zoning’ tool to see how each segment interacted with the form, using UX metrics like hover rate, hesitation and click recurrence.

They discovered non-completers were clicking on the address field several times (indicating a frustrating experience), whereas form completers clicked on the field just once.

Using ContentSquare to view only session replays which displayed this behaviour, the brand could see a validation error being thrown on the page, indicating users were not providing their postcode for the address search function.

The Result

This insight led the brand to make a small design tweak – adding some faded text inside the box to make it clear that users could only search their address by using their postcode. This small change significantly reduced the exit rate at this step, boosting the overall form completion rate by 8%.


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