+£2.4 million in Annual Recurring Revenue

Explore how Clarks have utilised ContentSquare to drive over £2.4 million in ARR by transforming their approach to collecting and actioning insight on their website.

From time-consuming session replay to modern Analytics

Clarks wanted to make sure their customers were getting a flawless user experience at every step of the purchase funnel, allowing them to secure every conversion opportunity.

To accomplish this goal, they decided to get rid of their session replay tool and adopt ContentSquare's next-gen UX Analytics solution, allowing for an instantly aggregated view of their customers behaviours.

A deep look into users interactions

Something Clarks noticed after replatforming was the vast number of consumers going through multiple product pages - one after the other. Clarks then looked at ContentSquare's zone-based heatmaps to find out what was driving this behaviour - it turned out to be the colour swatches.

Customers were choosing other colours and then continuing to navigate the site, but they didn't always find a product that they wanted to add to bag.
This has given them a view for a test that surfaces images of the alternative colours when people hover over the swatches so they can see what they look like without moving away from the page.

The Outcome

The implementation of a new colour swatches option along with other UX improvements revealed by ContentSquare are expected to drive an additional £2.4 million ARR for Clarks.