Customer Success Team

We like close relationships, two-way conversations and real involvement. Our Customer Success team works hand in hand with you to help you reap the full benefits of our solution. Regular check-ins mean we stay current with your business goals and are able to provide customised support to fit the unique needs of your team.
Enjoy Dedicated Support Every Step of the Way
  • Each of our clients gets a dedicated Customer Success Manager backed by a team of experts and actionable QBRs.
  • Your dedicated CSM will help you manage your ContentSquare solution to maximize adoption and value.
  • Leverage personal relationships to voice your needs and wants.

Partner With Experts to Operationalize Continuous ROI

• Achieve your business goals and receive the full benefits of your UX investments.
• From training all the way to success, our team of experts make sure you are fully confident using our platform, and getting the most value out of it.
• Using our automated algorithms, we co-create a use case roadmap with your team towards solving your highest value business challenges and will tailor solutions to address your unique needs.

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Connect with a Full Range of Additional Services

• Tap into ContentSquare partnerships.
• Access specialised expertise for web and mobile optimisation (A/B test design and/or implementation, page specific audits, optimisation prioritisation audits, reporting, additional training, and more).


Join the Client Club

• Access a complementary knowledge base by joining a network of experienced clients.
• Learn Best Practices and insights from seasoned ContentSquare users.
• Compare notes on innovation and disruption with peers.