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Did You Know? A Demanding User Sees 60% Fewer Pages on Average

Experienced and fast, that is how we can define a demanding user. Frowning and scrolling erratically, the demanding one is not the type to waste any time. The incarnation of the expression “short and sweet”, the demanding one goes straight to the point…if they can find a website adapted to his expectations.

Fast-paced browsing, accessing the checkout in record time; get ready to follow the demanding one’s hectic browsing pace.

More than 380 million sessions were analyzed on more than 100 e-commerce websites, across 11 business sectors and 7 countries to understand the differences in browsing behavior by type of Internet user in the last few months by ContentSquare.

Getting the demanding one to surrender: your mission

The characteristics of a demanding userdemanding

The demanding one spends 35% less time visiting pages than the average user and proceed to checkout 3 times as fast as new visitors. For them, it all depends on their journey towards their favorite product.

This intention will guide each of their browsing characteristics. Your mission is to make it easier for them to achieve their objective.

A closer look at Arthur’s browsing

Let’s take Arthur, our demanding user persona, stuck in rush-hour public transportation traffic. In addition to normal stress, he must find a present for his mother who is celebrating her birthday tonight.

He only has one solution: finding the “website” where he can purchase a present as quickly as possible.

A few seconds wasted browsing through 50 types of bouquets available on a florist’s website, whose express services were recommended to him, are enough for him to end the session.


Few minutes later. Cursing yet another “network failure”, he finally manages to log onto a cosmetics website. Bingo! Choice of category, price filter…in just a few minutes, he finds what he is looking for. He won’t show up empty-handed tonight.


Why such a difference between the two purchasing processes?category_page

Identifying the problem: it all depends on the category page

After reviewing both browsing sessions, the category page is identified as the culprit.

Which factors helped Arthur validate his payment on the cosmetics website, rather than the florist’s website?

In the absence of information, Arthur opens the first result available and has to go back and forth many times before making a selection.

On the cosmetics’ website, Arthur finds all the information he needs on the category page and uses the filters to find the right product, without the need to explore 10 product pages.

Reversing the trends: start understanding what the demanding user is attempting to achieve to act accordingly

The demanding one’s ideal experience?insights_demanding

An experience which combines tools adapted to speedy browsers. The demanding user’s speed involves impulsive clicks on irrelevant offers.

Avoid any glitches that would be synonymous with their definitive departure from the website.

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