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Beerwulf continues partnership with ContentSquare for UX optimisation

With its simple web layout, uncluttered navigation options, and a quick checkout system, ordering from online beer seller Beerwulf is arguably easier than buying from your neighborhood shop. Web visitors are also treated to rich beer-related content, as the Amsterdam-based startup releases a number of features per week — targeted towards beer enthusiasts who want to know more about their brews.

The website is cleanly designed, and is user-friendly in both web and mobile versions. There’s good reason for this. For its UX data gathering and analysis needs, Beerwulf works with renowned French SaaS company ContentSquare, which uses big data and artificial intelligence to gather and study every single customer web session. Everything is visualized in a digital platform, making it easier to read and garner insights from.

Beerwulf’s CRO and UX Manager Lars Harmsen emphasizes this as he explains why the company chose to work with ContentSquare. We wanted to be driven by data, but there were a lot of people in the company that never worked with it before, or hadn’t had access to it in a big scale. ContentSquare’s aggregation and visualization of millions web sessions makes it easy for us to incorporate data in our decisions.

The solution is also used significantly by the content team in determining the pieces that will best cater to the market. Our content people use ContentSquare to see how the articles are performing, how is the click rate, the homepage, what should be improved, and which pieces give us the most traffic. This is very important because our focus is on telling the stories of the beers and the brewers. Our content is what sets Beerwulf apart from other companies.

Since using the ContentSquare solution, Beerwulf has implemented a number of data-driven changes that have given solid results. One of the most notable was when the journey analysis tool (which shows visualized aggregated data of customers’ web sessions) revealed that most customers were trying to skip steps in the checkout process, before reverting back to Step 1. Upon further study of the in-page customer behaviour, they realised this was due to the payment methods only being visible in the latter steps, when buyers wanted to be informed of it right away. With this insight at hand, we made changes in the checkout journey to show the payment methods in the first step. This led to a 7% increase in the number of conversions Harmsen shares.

“With this insight at hand, we made changes in the checkout journey to show the payment methods in the first step.

This led to a 7% increase in the number of conversions”

Lars Harmsen – CRO and UX Manager at Beerwulf

For Beerwulf, there is nowhere to go but up, as it gains more momentum for the coming years. We want to become number one in Europe, hopefully expand to 15 more countries at some point. We are adding a lot of functionalities and offers to make it even easier to order on the websites. So we will continue our use of the ContentSquare solution to improve the customer journey” Harmsen concludes.

As one of the prominent members of the French tech startup scene, ContentSquare has helped more than 200 clients to optimise their digital channels, including Clarks, Harvey Nichols, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, L’Occitane and many others. In 2018, the company received an additional $42M in funding allowing it to invest more in developing its technology and offering its services to new markets – including the Benelux region.

Camila Florez

Camila Florez is Marketing Manager New Markets at ContentSquare. Besides Marketing, she has an absolute passion for traveling, travel photography and travel blogging. And for sustainability matters, especially when it comes to travel.

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