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Embrace User Experience to Reinvent Customer Experience

Many reports have been dedicated to differentiating the user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) in the last few years, but very few seem to feel comfortable with these two concepts. If UX is based on suggesting a great interaction to users, such as the ability to find any information on a website easily, CX encompasses all interactions people have with a brand, including brand loyalty on social networks.

To be honest, in the world of digital transformation, UX and CX overlap. However, brands consistently focus on how to attract and engage much more customers, forgetting that the first interaction between people and brands happens often online. 

Succeed in brightening the user experience: a first step to gain new customers

According to Sandeep Raut, Director for Digital Transformation in Syntel, “you might have the best advertising, sales team, customer service representatives and organizational structure, but if customers’ interactions with your website, mobile app, software or product create barriers to completion of the desired tasks, overall Customer Experience fails”.

User experience is prominent when it comes to considering the customer journey. Failures in this area can deeply impact the way customers interact with a brand. That’s why companies are more and more interested in following UX best practices to elaborate a deeper customer experience.

When user experience guides brands to promote a better customer experience

In a 2014 survey, Forrester Research highlighted that only “13 % of companies surveyed combined the UX and CX efforts.” If this strategy has worked so far, this model is likely to disappear. Not only has mobile become a window-shopping platform, but also a real sales channel where brands are faced with the necessity of creating a seamless, omnichannel customer experience. This means a brick-and-mortar customer service is just as effective as an online presence.

The Gartner Institute has recently detailed top 10 strategic technologies for customer experience. In this list, personalization, customer analytics and UX design tools and platforms are among the most significant strategic technologies to enhance customer experience.

Companies concerned with providing a meaningful experience on each channel and all devices have to consider UX best practices, such as real-time analytics  and users’ segmentation, are top priorities for enhancing the customer experience. The bare bones of a good UX have a bright future.

Colette Alcaraz

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