Contentsquare for Digital Marketing Teams

Make sense of billions of visitor behaviours to improve conversion, increase content consumption, and personalise the customer journey.

The secret weapon to answer your digital experience questions

How can I measure the performance of content live on site?

How can I improve channel effectiveness and ROI?

How can I improve campaign conversions?

How can I easily compare results across campaigns, landing page tests, or time periods?

Visualise customer journeys and improve conversions

See how visitors progress through your site, page by page, from entry to exit. Reveal journeys for behavioural segments, journeys from and to certain goals, and compare different journeys side-by-side.

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Understand and Optimize Content ROI

Reveal how visitors interact with every piece of content on your site. Create attribution to tell a story about how customers consume content — and how it influences goal completion.

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Surface insights to beat campaign targets

Get a custom view of the metrics you and your team care about most such as key content consumption, form completions and purchases. Set AI alerts for KPIs related to your content so they notify you when metrics change dramatically.

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Before Contentsquare, we were working in the dark. It was very difficult to see if people were reading articles we write, if people were interacting with those articles, whether or not they were buying products from those articles. As soon as I've mapped and zoned a page, as soon as I've put the details into our dashboard, it all comes to life. Then I have the ability to make changes I need to increase conversion, increase revenue.

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