CS Digital

CS Digital provides all the capabilities digital teams need to understand how and why users are behaving on the web, to help you uncover unique insights, empower your team and create a sustainable advantage.

With core capabilities such as Workspace, Al Alerts, Session Replay, Journey Analysis, Zone-based Heatmaps, and Page Comparator, CS Digital is your starting point with Contentsquare and your foundation for building better customer experiences.

Establish a foundation for success

CS Digital is the backbone of your Digital Experience Analytics. While traditional systems can give you a limited understanding into visitor behaviour, CS Digital provides insight on engagement, exposure, hesitations, and frustrations with your site’s content elements to deliver a complete, granular and visual view of your digital experience.

Turn customer challenges into opportunities

Transform data into an easy-to-understand story that lets you focus on your most impactful insights first. Visualise macro customer journeys to identify areas of interest, then drill into the details to quantify opportunities in a matter of minutes.

Empower your team to drive decisions

Don’t let your teams work in silos. CS Digital gives your teams a 360 degree view of key experience metrics that anyone on your team can access. With a fully customisable workspace that drives collaboration and decisions aligned to business KPIs.

Additional Capability

Advanced Troubleshooting

Deep-dive into consumer struggles and empower your teams to quickly turn these friction points into actionable feedback and new and improved experiences. 

Capabilities such as comprehensive Session Replay, JS Errors and Voice of Customer Resolution, enable you to proactively recover lost revenue.

Understand visitors’ actual behaviour

Unlock the insight hidden “between the lines” of your digital analytics. Reconstruct any user session to reveal exactly how visitors are moving between content zones, and in what order.

Tie sessions to Voice of Customer feedback

VoC integrations make user feedback actionable. Replay the exact steps leading up to feedback and compare the journeys that lead to positive vs. negative ratings, quantify whether the occurrence is an outlier or a frequent issue impacting the business.

Identify, quantify and fix friction and errors fast

JavaScript error reporting lets analytics teams prioritise issues impeding conversion. Shortcut straight to session replay to see these errors and frustration. Integrate with APM tools to troubleshoot and fix root causes faster.

“What’s great about Contentsquare is that the insights are visual and extremely easy to digest. It’s particularly helpful to be able to give the creative or leadership team a clear picture of pain points and successes — it helps secure immediate buy-in and significantly reduces time to action, meaning we don’t miss out on potential sales.”

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