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Our experience analytics platform captures every in-page interaction and micro-gesture to understand the how and why of customer behaviour. We turn this analysis into scores, visualisations and recommendations that make it easier for every team member to do the right thing.  Because our platform supports the full cycle of digital improvement, Contentsquare helps you make smarter decisions every step of the way.


Monitor behaviour across every digital channel

Automatically locate issues and opportunities derived from behavioural, performance, content and product and pricing data. Be alerted to off-trend KPIs and anomalies to act fast.

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Identify struggle to resolve issues fast

Find technical and UX root causes before issues significantly impact your bottom line. Prevent customer loss due to a poor experience. When issues do arise, recover leads and revenue fast.

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Uncover your greatest digital opportunities

Discover new areas for improving revenue and experience proactively, even where there isn't customer struggle. Improve journeys, testing impact, and content ROI.

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Prioritise potential actions by business impact

Quantify the scope of an issue or opportunity and understand the business at stake. See attribution for performance and business goals. Integrate revenue value and other key KPIs into your decision process.

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Trigger impact with insight-driven execution

Increase the value of your investments with integrations across your martech solutions. Map existing segments into Contentsquare for deeper understanding of their needs and value to your business. Fine-tune your understanding of customer context and intent to trigger the right messages and offers in your personalisation and experimentation tools.

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