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Create booking experiences that delight – and convert

Contentsquare’s digital experience analytics platform helps travel and hospitality brands create outstanding online experiences that inspire customer loyalty, fuel innovation, and drive more revenue.

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Insights you can’t afford to miss

With cut-throat prices and plenty of online travel agents crowding the space, the travel and hospitality industry has never been more competitive. To succeed, travel brands must provide outstanding digital experiences that truly delight their travel customers – and encourage them to book directly next time.


“Contentsquare has helped us paint the picture of why things are happening on our site. We’re finally getting a fresh set of insights and a view of our customer experience that we’ve never had before. We can go into the tool and gain insights within minutes, which means we spend less time analyzing and more time optimizing.”

Neil Morgan

Digital Experience Director, Avis

The adventure starts with you

Inspire your travel customers with an incredible online experience before their vacation has even begun. Contentsquare gives you the data you need to create truly enchanting online travel experiences.

Our advanced analytics platform shows you exactly which content leads to bookings so you can build and prioritize your task list for maximum impact – and cater to exactly what your customers want.

Create a seamless experience throughout the booking cycle

Contentsquare shows you where your travel customers are dropping off, plus the exact features and friction points that frustrated them.

From the pages that make them bounce to the elements that cause them to rage click, our platform gives you real-time insights into your user behavior so you can optimize their booking journey and increase revenue – fast and at scale.

Understand the ROI of your in-page content

Travel sites are content-rich by nature, but how do you know if your investment in content is working? What content inspires your customers to book, and what fails to drive revenue?

Contentsquare tracks every click, hover, and micro-gesture from your customers, providing the insights you need to make smarter decisions about your content. We’ll help you make data-driven decisions about where to invest for the biggest returns, and where you can pull back.

Freedom from tagging

Contentsquare’s software effortlessly breaks down elements on your site, no tagging required.

AI Insights

Machine learning automatically prioritizes the errors that are costing you conversions.

Empower your entire digital team

Conventional web analytics tools are hard to use and even harder to interpret. Contentsquare is painless to set up and complements traditional analytics with automated insights that every digital team can use – not just the analysts.
From eCommerce to Analytics to Sales, Contentsquare makes discovering and acting upon customer data easy for everyone.

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Make data-driven decisions to delight and convert your travel

Powerful visualizations

Our intuitive, visual reporting  makes it easy for marketers to understand user behavior and buyer journeys.

Actionable Insights

Get a full picture of visitor behavior and enjoy clear prioritization of which opportunities to act on for the biggest impact.

Empowered, agile teams

Knock down silos and get insights into the hands of your whole marketing team.


Supercharge your analytics with out-of-the-box integrations

Contentsquare integrates directly with 70+ leading tools, powering your systems with unique insight into your customer.. We make your entire ecosystem smarter, giving you a greater return on your marketing tech stack investment.

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