Reveal your biggest experience issues and opportunities with user behavior insights that show what your customers really need and want. Empower your team to come together to make smarter decisions and act on those decisions while they still matter. Be confident you are making a lasting impact because insight-driven design creates a branded experience that meets business goals by doing right by your customers.

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Easily deploy Contentsquare with a single tag that you can set and then forget. We capture all the visitor engagement, hesitation, frustration, and other mouse and mobile behaviors that happen between the clicks so we can analyze how your site or app is delivering on your customers’ context, intentions, and goals. Use this powerful understanding to fuel personalization and deeper relationships at scale.


Monitor behavior across digital touchpoints and proactively spot issues and opportunities. AI Alerts ensure you are the first to know if your experience shows any significant changes. Immediately gauge the urgency of an anomaly thanks to our Revenue Impact display.


Uncover new growth opportunities by seeing how you can improve customer journeys, better employ content, and optimize merchandising. Focus experimentation where it will have the biggest impact so you can test less and test smarter.


Pinpoint UX issues to recover leads and revenue fast. Contextualize Voice of the Customer feedback by replaying the steps that led up to the point of complaint. Quickly determine the scope of an issue by seeing how long and how often it has occurred. Remove obstacles along the customer journey and improve site performance.


Measure and prioritize opportunities by revenue or lead generation potential. Decide where to focus by quantifying the impact of issues and opportunities. Look back in time to see when an issue or improvement took effect, thanks to freedom from tagging.


Behavioral insights from Contentsquare fuel more focused execution and results across your martech ecosystem. Customer understanding drives more productive A/B testing and personalization on your site and through your marketing efforts.

One Single Tag

Capture mouse and mobile gestures with a single line JavaScript tag. Deploy manually or via any tag management system in minutes. Get immediate answers and dig up any data you want retroactively.


Our Autozone technology automatically identifies every in-page element of your site so you don’t waste time implementing custom tagging plans.


Drive digital marketing success by comparing your digital performance to industry averages. See and exceed your revenue potential.

Transforming the way people work

Our uniquely clear metrics will turn even non-data analysts into digital experience experts. Pick your team and see what Contentsquare can do for you.

By tracking every interaction, CS provides us with valuable KPIs: hesitation, friction, and engagement. This data is a tremendous source of insight which empowers our teams to fine-tune our segments and prioritise a change in optimisation to roll out.

Lesueur-Neidhardt International, E-Commerce and Media Director

In 2017 we’ll see an increase in ARR of around £900k just from this one insight, so it’s a huge win for us which we’d have never been able to easily see if it wasn’t for Contentsquare.

Craig Harris, Data & Analytics Manager, Clarks

By simplifying and improving the form, we achieved 48% more conversions. That's huge!

Anne-Laure Daniel, Marketing Manager France, Gazprom Energy