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Digital has become the main touchpoint for millions of consumers worldwide.

Businesses that can accurately analyze and predict the behavior of these millions of consumers will be able to lay claim to their slice of the booming eCommerce market.

Key to successfully capitalizing on this behavioral data is understanding how your business benchmarks to industry averages, and what insights can be drawn from the vast amount of statistics compiled across industries.

For this Digital Analytics Benchmark report, Contentsquare analyzed 528 million digital sessions on 137 eCommerce sites, across 15 countries. This report presents the 2019 benchmarks for different KPIs across ten industries and all devices.

Improving the digital experience for consumers leads to higher conversion and increased revenue.

Improving the digital experience for consumers leads to higher conversion and increased revenue. The key to optimizing consumer journeys is a deep understanding of user activity.

Behavioral data can provide actionable insights into how people interact with various digital platforms, empowering teams to make fast and productive decisions to improve the paths to conversion.

And while some of the lessons of digital conversion may be the same across the board, each industry comes with its unique set of challenges and opportunities. Digital optimization efforts that work well for the Luxury industry, for example, might not translate into growth for the Transportation sector.

This report presents the benchmarks of your industry, and shares information that traditional analytics don’t give you access to. By understanding how consumers interact digitally with your sector, you can see how you compare to your competitors, and develop a robust, industry-specific strategy.

This guide is streamlined to give companies and brands quick access to key findings about the way their customers behave online, and insight into how they can leverage behavioral data to grow their business.


Traffic on mobile is growing at a groundbreaking pace, and it is showing in the average carts of certain industries but not in conversion rates. In order to capitalize on the new market opportunities unlocked by the mobile retail revolution, businesses in each industry will need to adopt a mobile-first strategy.

As we have demonstrated with this Digital Analytics Benchmark, consumers are mainly using mobile for research and other top-of-the-funnel activities, only to complete purchases on desktop.

While this transition may reflect present frustrations with the mobile experience, it is not a sustainable pattern in an era where consumers are clearly shifting from desktop to mobile.

Nor is bouncing from smartphone to desktop a desirable course of action for users, rather, it is their way of compensating for mobile experiences that are still not intuitive enough, and do not meet the high standards of convenience they have come to expect.

In turn, the switch to desktop forces users to start the customer journey afresh, which is frustrating for them, and ultimately hinders conversion.

To overcome this challenge and capitalize on the mobile traffic surge, we offer the following recommendations:

1. Develop an irresistibly easy mobile experience

Data shows that many consumers are still hesitant to convert on mobile. Identify the stumbling blocks along your user journey, and fix them. Make the shopping experience painless and intuitive, from start to finish.

2. Make sure you offer an intuitive omnichannel experience

Some consumers are set in their multi-device ways. Sometimes, no matter how good your user interface and digital experience is on mobile, users will still want to check out on desktop. Invest in journeys that are device-specific and factor in different customer mindsets. In doing so, you will not only increase conversions, but also trust and loyalty in your brand.

Contentsquare gives you the digital experience insights you need to create seamless journeys that guide visitors from entry all the way to conversion. If you would like to find out more about how Contentsquare can boost your business, book a demo below.