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User Experience(UX): The 7 Innovations in E-commerce to Watch for in 2017

Although some e-merchants still hesitate about including user experience in the core of their digital strategies, many of them have massively invested in innovative approaches to attracting visitors and turning them into customers: browsing sessions similar to real-world shopping, immersive experiences, optimized checkout, etc. Fanny Pourcenoux, UI Manager at ContentSquare Paris, draws up a list of 7 innovations that will set the tone this year in the world of e-commerce.

When browsing means entering an immersive experience

Adidas needs no introduction. Although the emblematic brand has proven itself for decades, the company is still working hard to turn browsing its website into a unique experience. The German brand opted for a subtle balance between category and product pages, allowing users to easily compare all models and colors, thanks to optimized pictures (with details, items of clothing and more) and videos. This will probably be one of the most inspirational approaches for the coming months.

A personalized watch in 5 clicks

Tinker focuses on designing a product page where every step of personalization is thought out to get you to build your own watch. With a fully responsive website, the brand gambles on a well-thought-out scroll, which highlights even the smallest details to create an experience similar to that of a personal fitting. The dynamic browsing leads even the reluctant to try the experience.

Sticky bar and great photos in product pages: the perfect pair

Rezin deserves credit for bringing these together. The ecologically sustainable brand sells handmade wooden sunglasses through a beautiful website. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of their website are the well-crafted product pages that rely on brilliant UX improvements. They show the products in varied settings and, at the same time, keep the relevant elements as “sticky” items accessible on the side bar. Rezin succeeds in creating a stunning and lasting user experience.

A smart search engine

Trainline, the rail ticket retailer, has created a search engine that takes us back to the basics and does it well. Thanks to automatic suggestions, users can easily complete the online form, add new travelers, and more. The surprising simplicity is based on a carefully planned intuitive journey that includes facilitated search changes, easy to understand details of the journeys, clever content placement and more.

A dynamic category page

Rudy’s, the Parisian shoe brand, replaced the simple scroll with a beautiful mosaic of products.  The brand uses a progressive display, different colors while scrolling and, presentation videos to support the reassurance they promote at the heart of their brand. The product pages are cleverly thought out, with a sticky sidebar for adding to the shopping cart. This user experience design is a home run that can convince even the most reluctant consumers to trust them and buy online.

An innovative payment module

Vestiaire Collective, a marketplace to buy and sell pre-owned luxury fashion, has invested in creating an engaging and comfortable payment process. As the user enters their credit card number, they are presented with a visual guide (indicating number, date and cryptogram on the back of the card) to help them complete the transaction. The site identifies the type of card automatically and creates an experience that encourages users to try the marketplace, as they are confident this will lead them to adoption.

In checkout category of the year, wins first place

With checkout on a single playful and ergonomic page, created such a fun payment flow that it doesn’t feel like a payment page at all. With striking design and an offbeat tone, they maximize the options for original content by encouraging users to print their photos on more items than they originally chose. Responsive and well thought out, the site guides users on how to immortalize their memories on glossy paper through an unforgettable user experience.

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