Industry leaders breakdown the five pillars of Digital Happiness and share what it truly means to have a digital experience that is Engaged, Sticky, Intuitive, Flawless, and Empowered.


Ekta Chopra, the Chief Digital Officer at e.l.f. Cosmetics, shares her thoughts on Engagement and how brands and industry professionals can use empathy to design engaging digital experiences for their customers.


Ekta Chopra, Chief Digital Officer


Jesse Channon, Chief Growth Office at Columbia Care, shares his take on Stickiness and the innovative strategies brands are using to keep customers coming back again and again.

Jesse Channon, Chief Growth Officer 


Ben Thompson, the Director of eCommerce Analytics of Bluestem Brands, shares how brands can use customer data insights to build an Intuitive digital experience that is easy-to-use for customers.

Ben Thompson, Director eCommerce Analytics 


A flawed experience can cost you millions in revenue, especially when a broken link, discount code error, or confusing checkout page design could be what’s keeping your users from converting. Dean Westervelt, the Senior Vice President of Analytic Consulting at Wunderman Thompson Data, explains how to build a Flawless on-site experience and ensure technical errors don't distract or frustrate your customers.

Dean Westervelt, SVP - Analytic Consulting


Marion Ranvier, the founder of Adapt My Web, an accessibility software company that allows businesses to ensure their digital services are accessible to everyone, speaks on Empowerment and how today's brands need to design digital experiences that empower every customer complete their goals online.

Marion Ranvier, Founder

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