Hear exclusive insights from leaders ranging from topics about social responsibility and inclusivity to chasing personal and professional happiness as a women in eCommerce.

Women in eCommerce: In the Pursuit of Happiness

Female leaders share their advice and insight on chasing personal and professional success, happiness, and everything in between. 

Natalie Brown, Head of Marketing 

Erin Cast, Chief Marketing Officer  

Kathy Ando, Head of Digital

A New Era of Social Responsibility & Inclusivity

Today’s consumers don’t shop with just any brand. They seek out and support companies whose beliefs and missions align with their own. But how can companies not only join the conversation, but also help drive it? Our experts will discuss how to build an inclusive corporate social responsibility strategy that stays authentic to your brand and resonates with customers.

Chidinma Asonye, Chief Operating Officer

Kate Huyett, Chief Marketing Officer 

Innovators Who Made the Impossible Possible in 2020

This year, brands had to pivot to meet changing customer behaviors and bring their businesses online. While there’s been a flurry of innovation in the last few months, some brands stand out from the rest of the pack.  Jim Stengel interviews industry innovators about how their teams embraced change to create exceptional digital experiences that wowed customers and helped them navigate the challenges of the pandemic.

Jim Stengel, Host 

Alexis Lanternier, Executive Vice President of eCommerce 
ektaEkta Chopra, Chief Digital Officer

New Year, New Challenges: How to Plan Your 2021 Digital Strategy

2020 was the year of being reactive. Make 2021 the year of being proactive. Learn about the CX and digital themes, challenges, and opportunities expected to face brands next year. You’ll leave with everything you need to kickstart your 2021 digital strategy and to make 2021 your year!

Ashley Peterson, eCommerce Analyst, Jansport & Eagle Creek

Rachel Frederick, Chief Digital Advisor

Vinesh Vis, Chief Sales Officer



  • Watch The Keynote

    The King Just Wants to Have Fun

    Fernando Machado shares how to develop work that engages customers, creates value for both the brand and the business, and truly stands out.

  • Breakouts

    Discover the Breakout Sessions

    Leading brands cover topics ranging from social responsibility and inclusivity to chasing personal and professional happiness as a women in eCommerce.


    Digital Happiness in Action

    Short, 5-minute sessions where industry leaders breakdown the five pillars of Digital Happiness and share what it truly means to have a digital experience that is Engaged, Sticky, Intuitive, Flawless, and Empowered.

  • deep dive

    Defining Digital Happiness

    Take a closer look at our new Digital Happiness Pulse report and learn how you can prioritize customer happiness on all your digital properties.

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