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How Rent a Car enabled a system of continuous customer experience optimization thanks to Contentsquare

The Company

Rent a Car is an online service specializing in short-term car rental for leisure and corporate use. They operate more than 10,000 branches worldwide, are available in over 90 countries, and have a fleet of 2 million vehicles.

The Challenge

To improve its customer experience and boost conversions and turnover, Rent a Car decided to redesign its website. Their main challenge was to develop a compelling B2C customer journey to exist in line with their online B2B service.

Before redesigning their digital ecosystem, the team at Rent a Car used Contentsquare’s digital experience analytics platform to analyze the performance of their current website. “We used the tool to make an inventory of our old site to ensure we had a reference base for the redesign,” says Paula Andrea Romea, Web Analyst at Rent a Car.

Using Contentsquare’s suite of advanced behavioral analytics, they were able to build a good understanding of what was performing well on the website and what could be improved. Using these website performance insights, they then built short-term, mid-term, and long-term objectives for their website redesign project.

The Solution

With the help of Contentsquare, Rent a Car overhauled its internal process to become a more data-driven business. To do this, the team set up the following four-step data cycle:

  1. Choose specific website metrics to analyze according to set objectives.
  2. Following analysis, decide which actions and optimizations to test—and in which order.
  3. Deployment of optimizations onsite.
  4. Analysis of impact according to specific indicators.

The results are then presented and shared internally to ensure visibility to all key stakeholders. This four-step process ensures that data continues to inform all decisions and enables a continuous cycle of data, optimization, and analysis—something they would be unable to achieve without the help of Contentsquare.

What’s more, “thanks to Contentsquare Impact Quantification, we’re able to prioritize actions based on their impact,” adds Paula.

The Results

With the new website launched, Paula closely analyzed performance using Contentsquare Customer Journey Analysis, Zone-Based Heatmaps, and Page Comparator. Contentsquare enabled her to measure page performance against specific customer-experience KPIs, such as attractiveness rate, click recurrence, scroll rate, and conversion rate per click to ensure their new website catered to customer behavior and was delighting site visitors—not frustrating them.

Contentsquare enabled the entire digital team at Rent a Car to build an effective system of continuous customer experience optimization. The team can now identify insights, provide informed recommendations, and pinpoint key areas for improvement. They can also prioritize which actions to work on first for the biggest impact.

What’s more, the visual and easy-to-understand nature of the Contentsquare platform helps facilitate engagement and understanding across the entire organization, from practitioners to C-Level executives.