Increasing the conversion rate of the checkout

Analyzing the checkout

The Challenge

After releasing its new checkout page, the digital team at Kenzo noticed a decrease in the conversion rate. They were faced with two options: revert to the original interface; or identify the source of the problem.

The Methodology

Kenzo used the ContentSquare solution to carry out an analysis of their purchase funnel and checkout page. They were able to quickly identify major bottlenecks: anomalies; missing login fields; and unclear calls-to-action.Within only one week, Contentsquare reports provided operational recommendations to optimize the website. Carefully implementing them, along with guidance from UX experts, Kenzo made a series of modifications that improved the performance of their online shopping site.

The Outcome

Optimizations such as reassurance elements and simplified login resulted in a significant increase in the conversion rate.

In only seven days, the conversion rate at the Kenzo online store was multiplied by 1.5. That’s a full 25% more conversions, on average, than the previous year. Optimizations based on Contentsquare analytics, such as reassurance elements and easy login, were found to have played a key role in driving those impressive improvements in the Kenzo conversion rate.