80% Increase in Conversions

GoPro is a lifestyle phenomenon that has democratized video storytelling and transformed the way we film and watch life and sports events. This action brand has invested heavily in direct-to-consumer sales, and in its community of loyal GoPro fans.

“The Solution is our Source of Truth for understanding customer behavior.”

Eumir Nicasio
Head of Product, Digital & eCommerce, Go Pro

The Challenge

The team at GoPro wanted to increased direct-to-consumer sales, which afford the brand the best margins and more control over the total customer experience.

At the same time, because some GoPro.com visitors will choose to complete their purchase through a GoPro ecosystem partner, the company needs to engage and influence all site visitors to prefer GoPro cameras regardless of where they choose to shop.

The GoPro.com challenge embodies a formidable dual goal: to facilitate conversions on the home site, but also to educate and inspire visitors about the brand and products, and to take them as far down the decision journey as possible even if they choose to convert elsewhere.


With the Hero7 camera driving the lion’s share of revenue for the brand, the digital team at GoPro decided to tackle this heavily trafficked page first, and to redesign it to showcase the brand’s bold new creative vision. Since the team was navigating uncharted waters with this content-heavy approach, it needed to understand intimately how this content was impacting visitor engagement and conversion.

The Outcome

Being able to underpin creative decisions with customer behavior insights gave the digital team the confidence it needed to go bold and make the experience more customer-centric.

After launching the newly-designed page, the team experienced an 80% increase in conversions from the product detail page.

The success of the Hero 7 product detail page was only the first step, and the Digital and eCommerce team at GoPro continues to integrate Contentsquare into all its design processes and experience strategy. From site evolution to the day to day merchandising strategy, the tooling and insights Contentsquare provides has empowered to team to hone in tightly on small and large challenges, and confidently make decisions towards solutions.

“Contentsquare has made our lives so much easier — not only can we see how each element of content performs, it also shows us how visitors journey through the site, giving us all the information we need to make decisions confidently. The visualization makes the data easy to consume, and today the team uses Contentsquare as part of its daily decision-making process and whenever we are thinking about UX design.”

Eumir Nicasio
Head of Product, Digital & eCommerce, Go Pro