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The Avis team received customer feedback that their member area of the site was confusing and difficult to navigate. The team hosted an internal workshop to decide how best to improve the site for customers.

"Contentsquare has been really powerful in helping us paint the picture of why things are happening on our site. Now we’re getting a fresh set of insights, and a view of our customer experience,
we’ve never had before. Being able to go into the tool and gain insight within minutes means we spend less time analyzing, more time optimizing."


Using Contentsquare's live-zoning heatmaps, the Avis team realized the site search bar had 5 times the amount of clicks than any other element had on the page. Without that data, the team would have prioritized different on-page features and failed to better serve their customers. Luckily, the team had data on their side with Contentsquare. 



While the Avis team hadn't previously considered improving the site's search feature, they made it a priority on their product roadmap. The team was able to surface relevant results quicker to their customers, reducing frustration and improving overall site experience. 

“We would have been guessing at what the users wanted if we hadn’t used Contentsquare — and we would have guessed wrong.”

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