Contentsquare Announces $190M Series D

The News

Investing to accelerate the world’s digital transformation

This funding round, led by BlackRock accelerates our product innovation, industry benchmark program and geographic expansion, expanding insights for digital teams worldwide.  

  • What our customers are saying


    “The magic of analytics at our fingertips, enabling all employees to make decisions and share back with our stakeholders.”

  • What our customers are saying


    “That visibility that Superman has when he can see really far away and understand what is going on. A level of visibility that allows you to act upon things, accurately and fast.”

  • What our customers are saying


    “The gap we are looking to fill is to more effectively answer the question of why.”

  • What our customers are saying


    "Where we’ve seen an expansion is in our T-Mobile for Business, with an uptick since Covid: working with schools, governments, small businesses to help them stay connected. Being able to understand visitor experiences on those pages will be super critical."

  • What our customers are saying


    “The area we are pushing for, and that Contentsquare can absolutely support, would be how we take that in-visit journey and extend it for the customer.”

Our Growth

The Definitive Leader

  • #1 all-time biggest venture funding round for a France HQ software company. #10 largest SaaS venture round worldwide so far this year. (per Crunchbase)
  • The Contentsquare platform analyzes 10 trillion behaviors daily across 700+ clients.
  • Our global team is made up of over 600 employees from across 8 offices. And we're hiring!

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