Why Decathlon chose Contentsquare to improve its digital experience: 4 (very good) reasons


Chermay Chaves

August 16, 2022 | 3 min read

Decathlon, the world’s largest sporting retailer, is renowned for its outstanding customer experience. Want to know their secret?

At our recent virtual workshop, Roanna Zheng, Product Owner and Jason Tan, Digital Sport Leader, shared how they use Contentsquare (plus other tools in their tech stack) to maximize their CRO strategy, reinforce a product mindset, improve customer journeys and provide relevant content to their customers.

So, why did they choose Contentsquare to help them improve their digital experience?

1. Compatibility with their existing tech stack

With the digital team at Decathlon underpinned by the user experience (UX and Product Owners) pillar, it seems fitting that the analytics collected cover all digital bases.

Over the last few years, Decathlon had been using Google Analytics, AB Tasty and Hotjar to understand online behavior and help with experimentation, but they were looking for a tool that could do more to enhance their digital experience.

Enter Contentsquare. Having the flexibility to work together and integrate with their existing tools to provide a holistic view, choosing Contentsquare was a no-brainer. In a speedy 2.5-months of onboarding, Decathlon was ready to use Contentsquare in their day-to-day work.


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2. Access to unique features like Customer Journey and  Zoning Analysis

The Customer Journey Analysis feature shows how visitors flow through Decathlon’s website, giving a snapshot of their different user journeys and potential areas to improve. For example, with this feature, Roanna’s team was able to uncover user journeys on features the product team didn’t realize pre and post-release.

The feature also enables product owners to connect both the technical team and business user teams, to work towards achieving common KPIs.

“The journey analysis has enabled me to see the various journeys and also address some unexpected user flows post release” – Roanna Zheng, Product Owner at Decathlon

Roanna Zheng, Product Owner at Decathlon's favorite Contentsquare features
For Jason, it’s all about Zoning Analysis. With this intuitive tool, he is able to find which elements visitors were engaging with the most. The ability to compare and contrast sessions where customers converted and where they didn’t on product pages, makes it easy to identify in-page elements which influence the most revenue.

“Zoning Analysis is a really intuitive way to see what are elements used, and therefore relevant to users.” – Jason Tan, Digital Sport Leader at Decathlon

Jason Tan, Digital Sport Leader at Decathlon's favorite Contentsquare features

3. Insights helping prioritize product page content

While it’s exciting to display all products to consumers, Jason tells us this is not always the best way to prioritize the products which lead to the most conversions.

Decathlon’s cycling apparel page contains a wide range of products, making it difficult to navigate for specific sub-categories. To test this hypothesis, filters (such as gender, sport, product nature and size) were implemented to gain more understanding of what sub-categories were most relevant to visitors on this page.

Based on the analysis in Contentsquare, Jason saw that the product nature and gender filters were frequently used. With this insight, Jason implemented sub-categories on the page, prioritizing the most visited ones for maximum exposure. He also shared this data with his marketing and SEO teams to help inform their content strategy.

Decathlon's Contentsquare use case

4. Democratization of data amongst different teams

So what’s next for Decathlon?

The team wants to review the use cases of the Contentsquare platform and tailor the solution based on the specific needs of teams across the organization. Roanna highlights that Contentsquare’s superpower is to gather complex data and showcase it simply, allowing different teams such as marketing, digital, IT and more to use behavioral data to inform their decisions. 

Keen to hear more about Decathlon’s insights into Contentsquare’s industry-leading digital experience platform? Catch their on-demand sessions at get to know Contentsquare with Decathlon here.