The Office: A Chat with Contentsquare’s Paris MOM


Srijita Dasgupta

June 8, 2022 | 3 min read

Aurélien joined Contentsquare in May 2021 as an intern to discover the position of the Workplace Community Specialist and he loved it! Soon after, Oana, his manager, offered him a fixed term contract, and later a permanent contract in the most unusual way: she created several stories on Instagram to ask him if he wanted it – of course, he accepted!

What is the Paris office like? How would you describe it?

We have a huge office in Paris which is inside a WeWork building. There are 2 big floors (5th and 6th) dedicated entirely to Contentsquare and we’ll also have the 4th floor for us soon. There are nearly 500 people in the office and to me, it feels more like a second home. There are a lot of separate areas, each with its own unique atmosphere. Especially after the pandemic, our objective is to make employees feel the most comfortable when they come to work.

What’s the vibe of the people, the flow of attendance throughout the week? Which teams come in the most?

The vibe totally depends on the floor and the area – for example, in the Sales section, you get business vibes whereas in the R&D area, it’s more relaxed because of its proximity to the cafeteria. Majority of the people come in on Wednesdays and Thursdays while Fridays are usually quiet (or dull as I prefer to say, because our employees are what make the office fun). However, since the introduction of a “surprise” every Friday (like a chocolate fountain with fresh fruits or installing a Dance Dance Revolution machine on International Dance Day), the attendance has increased to about 150 people which used to be less than 100 before.

What’s it like to work here?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that it’s very pleasant. The atmosphere is very different from traditional headquarters as our office is playful and has a “joy” vibe all year round. As an office manager, I consider all of us to be a big family with different personalities which makes the office a wonderful place to work. We have a lovely infrastructure with perks and benefits but what makes it really special is that the people are the heart and soul in this office who value human connection more than anything else – it’s almost a lifestyle!

You spend the most time of anyone in the Paris office – what do you love about it?

The energy from people! If I want to have a good laugh, I go to the Customer Success area; if I want to feel relaxed, I go to the garden space. No matter how you feel or what your mood is, you’ll always have a spot to fit in.

What are the perks and benefits in the office?

There are tons! We have a Culture Crew who organise different events with at least 2 activities per month. For example, we have parties for Halloween, Christmas, Saint Patrick’s Day, etc. In terms of food, you’ll always find a variety of snacks and drinks accompanied with a special breakfast on Tuesdays and Thursday – all of it is free. It comprises croissants, pain au chocolat, chouquette and many more delicacies from local bakeries.

We also have plenty of meeting rooms which can be booked through the calendar along with phone booths that work on a “first come, first serve” basis. In the cafeteria, there are various fun activities like a pool table, karaoke machine, baby foot, etc. On Fridays, there’s always a surprise – for example, a chocolate fountain with fruits, a Dance Dance Revolution machine for International Dance Day, a Hot Dog stand and so much more! We have a MOM (Magical Office Manager) newsletter to keep our lovely employees up-to-date on everything that’s happening in the office.

Relocation benefits at Contentsquare

As a global company, Contentsquare is accustomed to hiring employees that are based in countries all over the world. To help employees who relocate settle into their new homes, we have a variety of relocation benefits before, during and after their move. They include:

  • Financial assistance for furniture removal or purchase, 
  • Flights, accommodations and transportation during relocation
  • Real estate agency fees
  • Temporary accommodation for up to one month while the employee finds a permanent home
  • Visa costs