Making An Impact In The Feedback Economy

This article was written by our partner Usabilla, as part of our series highlighting direct insights from our large ecosystem of partners.

The current brand landscape revolves around customers. Customers have high expectations that their interactions with brands are personalized, easy, and even delightful. According to a Microsoft report, 54% of customers have higher expectations for customer service today compared to one year ago. This percentage jumps to 66% for consumers aged from 18 to 34 years old.

The digital revolution opened the gate for customers, empowering them to leave their feedback anywhere, any time. With rising expectations, businesses were driven to include feedback in both daily and long-term decisions.

The combination of these two forces shaped what we call the Feedback Economy, an economy driven by feedback: opinions, comments and reviews. Customers in 2020 expect their interactions with brands to listen to their input and change accordingly. 

The CX Professional’s Dilemma in The Feedback Economy 

Collecting feedback is just the first part of creating exceptional customer experiences. What are you doing to take action on your customers’ feedback? How do you know where on the customer journey to focus your efforts? Taking action (at scale) on feedback and iterating on your experience are complex processes that require organization, analytics, and constant change.

Contentsquare and Usabilla 

Customer journey insights are finally becoming operational at scale. Combining data from Contentsquare and Usabilla helps CX professionals to quantify and discover reasons why customers are dropping off and where they’re experiencing friction along their journey with your brand. 

Usabilla is a voice of the customer (VoC) solution, allowing you to collect, analyze and act on feedback across all of your digital channels. With advanced analytics and easy to implement feedback channels and surveys, Usabilla equips CX professionals with the feedback they need and the ability to scale CX projects across their organizations for maximum impact. 

Contentsquare creates cutting edge solutions that help you understand your digital audience so you can better connect with them every step of the way. With their suite of solutions, they empower entire digital teams to measure the impact of their UX actions.

The powerful partnership between Usabilla and Contentsquare allows CX professionals to leverage customer data across the entire customer journey to make a meaningful impact on the customer experience. Once armed with this customer data, CX professionals know exactly where to make improvements and how.

Optimizing the Customer Experience: Get the Full Picture 

Enhancing Advanced Session Replay 

With Usabilla and Contentsquare, you can refer to a Usabilla feedback item and then watch the live session replay in Contentsquare. A unique ID will be attached to every feedback item which you can then use in Contentsquare to find a session recording for the specific feedback. 

The combination of feedback with the ability to playback a session allows you to see exactly what caused friction in the customer’s journey. Customers are telling you when they are happy or frustrated, but their feedback can be hard to understand. Replay the steps leading up to feedback to reveal visitor struggles and accelerate action on customer needs and concerns.

This integration offers two methods. One method includes sending Usabilla data to Contentsquare and the other method also includes sending the Contentsquare ID to Usabilla. This allows you to find session replays in Contentsquare for specific feedback. The integration is enabled by placing a script on your web pages that will take care of the data acquisition for you.

Leading-edge Customer Journey Mapping 

In order to improve the customer journey, you have to first understand which steps your customers are taking to accomplish their various tasks. This is much easier said than done, as CX professionals tend to be blind to unknown unknowns. Without customer feedback, how can you identify where there’s friction at the journey and how exactly to fix it? 

With Contentsquare and Usabilla, you can collect key info on the most critical steps of the customer journey. 

Contentsquare helps you to understand user behavior across the customer journey so that you know exactly where to run Usabilla survey campaigns to capture feedback. Knowing exactly where to ask questions specifies your customer data to the right areas, allowing you to track, analyze and act on any feedback in real-time. 

Within ContentSquare you can create custom segments in relation to Usabilla. Some segmentation examples would be:

You can apply any of the segments you create to a Contentsquare journey analysis module. Track where users are leaving Usabilla feedback to learn more about critical areas in the customer journey. Similarly,  track high-friction or high-importance moments in the customer journey by capturing feedback at that moment. 

Filtering options allow you to segment positive feedback and negative feedback. The qualitative insight matched with the quantitative data you receive through Usabilla feedback gives you the key to unlock patterns and dissolve issues in the customer journey. Track key metrics across the customer journey to ensure you’re moving the needle with your CX efforts. 

According to Temkin Group, a moderate improvement in CX would impact the revenue of a typical $1 billion company an average of $775 million over three years. There is a huge opportunity for brands to improve their bottom line, but it starts with breaking down the customer journey and making changes that actually impact the customer. 

Contentsquare’s AI-powered digital experience insights make it fast and seamless for everyone on your team to visualize web and app behaviors so you can improve engagement, conversion, and revenue. While optimizing your customer’s journey, it’s complicated to create a full overview of what is happening and why. By utilizing Usabilla and Contentsquare you are able to visualize the what and the why of your website that will uncover your customer’s friction points.


We all know that customers have high expectations and that it is imperative to capture customer feedback and act on it. But it’s not always clear how to act, let alone how to grow and scale those projects. 

The partnership between Usabilla and Contentsquare offers expert solutions that allow you to actually make a difference in the customer experience. Gartner have also predicted that by 2019 more than 50% of organizations will redirect their investments to customer experience innovations. It’s more important now than ever to deliver customer experiences that delight, and you’re going to need resources to make it happen as brands continue to compete on the experience they deliver. 


NEWS: Contentsquare, Worldwide Leader Of Digital Experience Analytics, Grew 200% In 2019

After raising $120 million since 2017, and following the acquisitions of Clicktale and Pricing Assistant, digital experience analytics leader Contentsquare announced record results for the full year 2019. For its vision and accomplishments, the company has been named a 2020 BIG Innovation Award winner by the Business Intelligence Group.

“The digital experience analytics industry is growing at a rapid pace and Contentsquare is leading the way. Our company had tremendous growth this year including revenue, clients, geographic reach, employees, partnerships and product,” said Contentsquare CEO, Jonathan Cherki. “Customer feedback makes it clear we have the right strategy executed by the right people so we look forward to a bright 2020.”

Record Company Growth

With a mission to empower brands to create better web, mobile, and app experiences, Contentsquare grew annual recurring revenue nearly 200% during 2019. New and expanded clients include industry leaders across sectors such as BCG, Best Buy, Caixa Bank, Crocs, Deichmann, Dell, Europcar, Eurostar, Ferragamo, Orvis, Pizza Hut, RBS, T-Mobile, TomTom, Toyota, Tumi, Unilever, and many others. Contentsquare analyzes more than 9 trillion consumer interactions each day to provide its more than 600 enterprise clients worldwide with benchmarks and recommendations.

Companies worldwide are turning to Contentsquare for a new breed of analytics which surfaces digital behavior insights essential for improving customer journeys, increasing mobile conversions and increasing revenue. In 2019, more than 200 new customers joined the Contentsquare community and total usage of the platform increased nearly 300%. Contentsquare’s international sales grew at a brisk pace in 2019, with 40% of its business now in the United States and 50% in Europe, including strong adoption across France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Nordics. The company is growing faster than expected in Asia, particularly in Japan; Contentsquare is investing across the region in Australia, Singapore and China.

Contentsquare doubled its staff in the last year, growing the team from 300 to 600. The company plans to fill 200 positions this year. Contentsquare has 7 offices in Paris, Munich, London, New York, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and Tokyo. In line with its mission to create better experiences, the company continued to invest in its employee culture, adding new benefits and bringing all employees together for the annual offsite.

Ecosystem Integrations and Strategic Partnerships

Building a strong partner community is a key ingredient of Contentsquare’s strategy. The company’s partner program invites both services and technology partners to leverage the Contentsquare technology in order to create value for their customers. The company has built technology integrations with more than 100 software vendors, including some of the key players in its ecosystem such as Google, Adobe, Oracle, Medallia, Qualtrics, Tealium, Dynamic Yield, Usabilla, Monetate, Kameleoon, Qubit, ForeSee and OpinionLab. Contentsquare also announced in 2019 a business and technology integration with Salesforce. These seamless ecosystem integrations allow clients to leverage the power of Contentsquare data and insights to enhance the value of their commerce and marketing solutions. The company has also developed strategic partnerships with consultants and digital marketing solutions providers around the world, including WPP, Capgemini, Havas, Accenture, BCG, Wunderman, Dentsu Merkle and many others across Europe, the United States, LATAM, the Middle East and Asia. See them here.

Innovation with Artificial Intelligence, Privacy and Security Focus

To keep up with the needs of its clients, the company is constantly innovating and adding new modules to the platform. With 170 people in R&D and Product, Contentsquare is built to provide instant insights that go beyond what traditional “clickstream” analytics can show. A major new version of the platform debuted in 2019, integrating capabilities from its acquisitions such as Session Replay and featuring innovations such as Revenue Opportunities which estimates the financial impact of recommended modifications. The company also introduced the industry’s first turnkey holistic online experience score, the Digital Happiness Index.

When it comes to data privacy and security, Contentsquare continues to put its clients and their end users first, obtaining ISO 27001 certification with SOC 2 compliance completing in 2020. The company is also fully compliant with applicable data privacy laws such as EU GDPR and California CCPA.

In addition to the 2020 BIG Innovation Award, Contentsquare was named as a Next40 growth company by the French government and recognized by Global research firm Gartner, as a leader in the Customer Experience Digital Analytics field. Contentsquare CEO, Jonathan Cherki is participating in this year’s Davos World Economic Forum.

“Our ambition remains unchanged: empower brands to deliver better digital experiences. We are creating an intelligent brain inside the cloud that, thanks to our amazing clients, is improving the digital products and services that we all depend on every day. Our team constantly goes beyond traditional limits to achieve this vision. The results obtained over the last 12 months just strengthen our ambition to put the power of Contentsquare in the hands of every digital professional,” said Cherki.