Introducing the New Zoning Analysis: Our Signature Feature is now More Powerful and Easier to Use than Ever

After months of hard work and dedication, our Product team is ready to unveil our new Zoning Analysis with a more complete experience than ever. 

So how did Zoning Analysis become Contentsquare’s most-loved feature? The answer is simple. In essence, you get intuitive and flexible visualizations that tell you why visitors engage, hesitate or get frustrated by overlaying key UX metrics directly onto your website. 

With these clear business and engagement metrics, it has never been easier to understand and explain differences in customer behavior. With a clear view of what site visitors find engaging and helpful, versus what might be considered obstacles along the user journey, teams can quantify their content decisions at a glance, and easily get rid of friction. This granular read of visitor behavior also grants brands a way to attribute revenue to their content and UX investments. 

What makes all this so practical is that Contentsquare’s single tag captures every single customer interaction, including every click, scroll, hover and swipe. The platform automatically captures behaviors on dynamic content and historical versions of your site, enabling you to jump straight to your analysis. 

In a world where every business is striving to exceed the latest standards of speed, ease-of-use and seamlessness, we believe digital CX stakeholders should also enjoy an optimized user experience. That’s why we’ve now made your favorite power tool for in-page analytics even smarter and easier to use. 

Say Hi to Our New Zoning 

Having worked closely with our customers on a solution that provides answers to real-life use cases, we’ve completely revamped our Zoning Analysis so teams can answer questions faster and even more efficiently. 

The new Zoning Analysis is even more tailored to our operational goals: fast and easy to use. 

Agathe Orsoni, Digital Marketing Manager at Petit Bateau

We made Zoning Analysis inside the platform as quick and easy to use as CS Live, our nifty browser extension. With our Live Zoning, your website becomes your dashboard. Simply browse your site including dynamic content and drop-down menus, overlay metrics in one click and answer questions on the spot. 

Need to dig deeper into the data? Take snapshots to save them into Contentsquare, analyze any element of interest or track its progress regularly. 

Comparison Made Easy 

Let’s say you recently launched a new campaign and want to analyze the performance of your hero banner before and after adding a new promotional offer. Or, you just performed an A/B test and want to compare different A/B test elements side by side. By comparing the two, you immediately see why one version performs better and can take actions based on your visitors’ preferences. 

Spot a win or a decision you want to celebrate? Simply export your analysis as a PDF to share with key collaborators, whenever you need. 

“The intuitive new Zoning allows us to make more detailed analyses especially on CRO / AB Testing subjects where all test variations have to be studied. The new side-by-side functionality allows us to compare the data of each test variation more easily and to learn the best lessons.”

Hazel Dinler, CRO Analyst at Sephora

Ease of use and speed to insights are the key pillars of our new Zoning Analysis. At Contentsquare, we believe in making decisions based on data, not opinion. And we think this level of customer intelligence should be accessible to all. Zoning Analysis was designed to be used by everyone — its highly visual metrics can be leveraged by anyone, not just analysts, and allows everyone on the team to pursue shared goals autonomously. 

If you want to learn more about our new, improved Zoning Analysis or if you’d like to see it in action, we’ll be happy to give you a tour!

How We’re Empowering Brands to Improve Lives Through Digital Experiences

By Lucie Buisson, VP of Product, Contentsquare

At Contentsquare, we envision a world where every digital interaction improves lives. As we spend more and more time online these days, it’s important to us that the experience is meaningful.
But today, the digital world is plagued by poor experiences. Brands have traditionally been unable to deliver the experiences customers want online because they haven’t been able to easily understand what their customers really want. It’s not just about making sure your customers can find the right product pages or the contact us page — it’s much more nuanced than that. Your customer’s changeable mindset and intent can completely change their behavior online, and most brands can’t tailor the experience needed on demand.

But we do believe that brands have the ability to improve people’s lives. Making the time you spend online more meaningful doesn’t have to be impossible — and so our strategy for achieving our vision has always been to empower brands with unique behavioral insights to create better experiences.
To that end, we took the strategic decision to acquire experience analytics company Clicktale in July 2019. While both Contentsquare and Clicktale are rooted in customer behavioral data and insights, Clicktale’s session replay and heatmaps complement Contentsquare’s page zoning and customer journeys capabilities. Today, just 90 days after that acquisition, we are releasing major new capabilities of the Contentsquare platform, which includes innovation driven by the combined R&D and product team of more than 170 innovators strong.

9 trillion reasons to use Contentsquare

Now, we can confidently offer the most complete experience analytics platform on the market. None of our competitors can give you the level of insight into your customer behavior we can thanks in part to the fact that our solution analyses 9 trillion digital interactions every day for each of our customers.
Now, the combined product is the only complete system of insight that offers brands the ability to do all of the following:

No other solution can give you a better level of insight to help you understand and create insight-driven innovation.

Into the future — where our product will sit within the customer touchpoints ecosystem

Improving any kind of digital experience, whether it’s on desktop, mobile or any other channel, starts with collecting the right kind of behavioral data. Customers behave differently depending on the touchpoint you interact with them on, and so it’s important to measure precisely how those customers are using your channels so you can tailor the experience accordingly.

And behaviors won’t necessarily stay the same over time, either, so simply analyzing behavior just once won’t be enough. You need to continuously measure behavior over time so you can tailor your experience to whatever nuanced behavioral changes your customers portray.

But the touchpoints themselves are starting to evolve. In the next three years or so, we’re going to see a shift in the types of interactions between brands and customers. By 2021, experiences will be more conversational, mobile, personalized, social and immersive. All these trends are going to transform the customer touchpoints ecosystem, whether it’s the brand’s own digital channels, physical channels, third-party channels or marketplaces.

If you want to create a great overall experience for your customers, you can’t solely focus on your own digital channels like your desktop and mobile sites. You have to provide a consistent experience across all touchpoints, and do the marketing basics (like providing the right product at the right price) well. That’s why our vision for our product is to help you with a significant proportion of those touchpoints — beyond just digital.

Once you’re measuring all your channels though, the key, of course, is to unify all that data and product intuitive visualizations so even the non-digital business units in your organization can understand it and draw insights from it. Only then can we start to realize a vision where digital interactions improve lives — when the whole organization is on board.

Those organizations that lead on digital experience tend to see benefits of 3–5x on measures such as lead generation, conversion, price premiums and loyalty as a result of offering a great experience across the board. And customers are more likely to pay a premium price when they have a great experience versus a poor one.

At Contentsquare, we can help you to compete with the digital leaders, and help you gain an insight into your customers like never before. Request a demo to find out how.

NEWS: Contentsquare launches most complete experience analytics platform in industry

NEW YORKOct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Experience analytics leader Contentsquare today launches a major release of the most complete experience analytics platform on the market, helping brands to innovate based on customer behavior across digital channels.

Contentsquare now gives brands the ability to surface and quantify revenue-generating recommendations for experience improvements using artificial intelligence. Contentsquare customers can use these recommendations to immediately troubleshoot issues or innovate new ways to improve the experience. For example, teams can quickly understand the impact of changes to a web site or mobile app by comparing side-by-side the visitor experience over time or across split test versions.

This update to the platform is the work of a combined team of 170 innovators in R&D and product development who came together through the combination of Contentsquare and Clicktale, which was announced in July 2019. The teams have been working closely with customers to prioritize the use cases that drive the most return and upside for digital leaders across industries such as retail, travel, automotive, financial services and telecommunications.

The benefits to Contentsquare’s customers are huge. Armed with quantified alerts, the tool gives resource-stretched digital teams the ability to discover new growth opportunities to increase revenue, (worth up to nine times the revenue opportunity of fixing bugs). It also aligns the whole business around a single version of the truth with regards to digital customer behavior, with intuitive visualizations of macro behavior, and session replays for seeing behavior at the individual session level. As a result, teams can more quickly and confidently prioritize and execute on the experience changes that will mean the most for their business.


Feliz Papich, director of product management at Crocs, said: “Contentsquare aids our ability to innovate, giving us more room to do insight-driven experimentation with less risk. With the visualizations, we don’t have to make assumptions about the visitor experience, we can make enhancements based on tangible behavior. Contentsquare makes it easier for us to have the hard discussions about what to prioritize and implement to meet our big growth goals.”

Contentsquare’s new platform, available later this quarter, helps brands capitalize on the fact that consumers who receive a better customer experience spend up to 140% more than when they receive a poor experience (Harvard Business Review). It also helps brands operate more like best-in-class digital businesses, which can have 2-3x the lead generation and sales conversions versus the average according to Contentsquare insights.

Jonathan Cherki, founder and CEO, Contentsquare said: “At Contentsquare, we envision a world where every digital interaction is used to create better experiences and improve the quality of people’s lives. Traditionally, the barrier to turning that vision into a reality is that brands have been in the dark when it comes to understanding specifically how to design the experiences their customers will love and want to use again and again.

“With our technology, though, we are empowering brands with unique behavioral insights to create better experiences — and connecting those improvements more directly to the upside they drive for  their business and for their customers.”

L’OCCITANE Increases Agility for Reacting to Anomalies with use of AI-based Digital Experience Alerts

Contentsquare, an AI-powered digital experience insights solution, announced today that L’OCCITANE en Provence, a leading natural cosmetics manufacturer and retailer, is using its AI Alerts to detect and react to digital experience anomalies faster, thereby reducing the manual effort required to improve conversions and drive revenue.

“When people walk into a L’OCCITANE store, we aim to provide an experience that connects the customer to our brand and promotes engagement. At our flagship stores in New YorkLondon and Melbourne, for example, we offer hand massages, product customization, gift engraving and the chance to enjoy a special a Provençal treat,” said Laura Sayag, Ecommerce Coordinator for the L’OCCITANE Group. “It’s critical to provide the same high level of experience in our brick and mortar store as we do for our online customers. That’s why we’re using Contentsquare’s AI Alerts. Whenever an anomaly on the website arises, if the alert has been created, our team can now spring into action more quickly.”

Proactive monitoring of the site from a business perspective means teams receive timely notifications of any performance deviation, enabling fast, focused reactions. The AI Alerts feature identifies, for example, technical and usability anomalies, including if there is unusually high visitor frustration on page controls, which may prevent customers from completing transactions. It works on both critical pages that deliver a substantial portion of overall conversions and revenue, and pages that are less trafficked day-to-day, but can be important when specific events occur.

It ensures the optimal customer experience and ease of conversion without manual monitoring, which takes too much time on a large website and is subject to human error. And Contentsquare’s granular-level data means alerts can be triggered by changes on individual page elements, including the level of engagement or hesitation with merchandise images, FAQs, form fields, call-to-actions, buttons, etc.

The alerts also monitor for unforeseen changes in demand e.g. content pages and elements seeing a spike or downturn in engagement based on related trends elsewhere on the Internet, allowing teams to react and address the market opportunity with, for example, a social media campaign.

“The machine learning model understands how behaviors and business metrics are trending and is able to detect anomalies and unusual deviations from the norms to trigger timely notifications,” said Jonathan Cherki, CEO and Founder of Contentsquare. “Unlike manual alerts, users don’t have to set up thresholds, avoiding the ‘Alerts-fatigue’ that comes with being overloaded with meaningless notifications whenever a metric fluctuates normally e.g. during weekly campaign days or on weekends vs. weekdays. We’re excited to see L’OCCITANE continue to lead the industry in user experience with our new solution.”

For more information about Contentsquare’s AI Alerts, visit

Personal Thoughts on ContentSquare’s Latest Round of Funding

Here at ContentSquare, we talk not only about digital transformation, but about ‘people transformation.’ About how our digital experience insights technology changes the way people work by equipping digital teams with the knowledge they need to become more productive, proactive and successful. How it can help entire departments shift from a culture of instinct to one of insight. How freeing teams from dependencies and constraints empowers them to focus on what matters most: improving the experience for consumers.

But people transformation is not just something that happens to our clients. People transformation begins at home.

A few days ago we announced that ContentSquare had secured $42 million in funding to grow our company and product, and expand our global reach. This investment – the largest ever committed to a digital insights platform – will spark the biggest transformation our company has ever seen.

And if there’s something we’re not scared of at ContentSquare, it’s transformation.

Like my father and brother, I was destined to join the family dry legume business started by my grandfather in 1950. But as a business student, I realized there was a huge gap between the online experiences brands thought they were offering and what consumers were actually getting. I saw in that an opportunity, and decided to explore the digital space. Five years later, what started off as a college assignment is now an international company with offices in four countries and 200 clients.


A lot has changed since the early days of ContentSquare, but one thing hasn’t: our values. We are still and will remain a people-first company. And this latest round of funding bears testament to the confidence in both our solution and in the teams that have delivered and will continue to deliver our ambitious vision going forward.

It is an investment in the people who are exploring the potential of AI to drive better results for our clients. An investment in those who are developing unique tools to measure next-gen KPIs that will help brands understand the nuances of modern-day digital behavior. It is an investment in those who will implement our roadmap so we can help companies deliver superior digital journeys. It is an investment in those who partner with us to bring the message of intuitive analytics to businesses worldwide.

And finally, it is an investment in the future of digital experience. Because with ContentSquare, businesses can finally speak their customers’ language, and keep up with the fluid and evolving nature of digital behavior.

We already knew that behind every mouse hover there is a person. Now, behind every touch interaction there is an analytics solution that understands how consumers engage with digital content. And behind this solution is a whole team of talent and innovators, which, thanks to this funding, is about to get a lot bigger.
With great power comes great responsibility. Now it is all up to each of us to execute flawlessly, and to go above and beyond to meet our vision.


Thank you to our investors, whose support will allow us to expand research and development, so that we can meet the needs of consumers and businesses with cutting edge technology.

Thank you to our clients, whose support and partnership have helped us grow the solution organically and expertly. We will continue to earn your trust.

And thank you so much to the ContentSquare family, whose ideas, experience, innovation and drive have helped propel the company into a future that is already here.