Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with a Lot More than Just Beer – gb

Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday known for indulging and sharing alcohol among friends. Knowing this, we set out to capture what the age of the internet meant for Americans celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day this year, and how digital experiences would be influenced by it. Our assumption was that online shoppers would be purchasing a lot more than just beer and Irish whiskey. The actual analysis did not disappoint. Here are the nuggets of data we found:

Curious to see who are making these purchases and for who? Check out these data-packed charts below!

Men vs Women:

Men are 38% more likely to make an intoxicated online purchase this year than women.

Age Group Breakdown

Millennials (21-34) are more likely to make an online drunk purchase this Saint Patrick’s Day.

Who will people shop for in this Saint Patrick’s Day?

People are most likely to shop for themselves during Saint Patrick’s Day.

Speaking of shopping for others, who do you think does it better – US, UK or France? Read our Digital Gifting Report to find out!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

DataSnack: Terms and Conditions pages are viewed 161% + after the holidays, looking for ways to exchange and return

You may think you know your nephew well, but he thinks that sweater you gave him is hideous. And let’s be real – no one needs three scented candles. As consumers rush to return or exchange unwanted items in the post-holiday season, terms and conditions pages see a huge spike in traffic. And don’t forget, traffic is traffic, whether they keep the sweater or not.

Here’s your chance to remove the hassle from a traditionally irksome holiday rite. Make sure your customers don’t have to go digging for key information, and guide them through the returns and exchange process with clear, visual prompts. And of course, while they’re on your platform, why not take the opportunity to unveil new items and entice them with seasonal discounts.

DataSnack: Cosmetics conversion rates increase by 288% on Black Friday and Cyber Monday – es

At the very top of the holiday gift list, you’ll find cosmetics and liquor. Data shows that the conversion rate for makeup, skincare and fragrance almost triples on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and, crucially, remains pretty high until mid-January. In fact, this is the only sector where retailers sell more during the post-holiday season than they do during the pre-holiday season – reflecting the fact that, once hooked, many consumers repeat-buy these products.

Another thing to keep in mind when promoting cosmetics on your platform is that shoppers favor gift sets over individual items – during the holiday season, gift boxes get double the recorded conversion rate than they do the rest of the year. When it comes to gift-giving, in general, buyers want to multiply their chances of getting it right!

DataSnack: Mobile conversion rates increase by 167% on Black Friday and Cyber Monday – es

Everyone knows the holiday shopping surge starts in November, but it’s not until Black Friday and Cyber Monday that conversion really peaks. And numbers suggest that thrifty (or frazzled) shoppers are purchasing a lot of their gifts on the go. In fact, the mobile conversion rate more than doubles in the lead-up to the holiday season – that’s almost twice the increase recorded on desktop.

Luckily, businesses can prepare for mobile spending sprees in advance, ensuring they keep mobile buyers sweet during crunch time. Capitalize on busy shopping periods by investing in the kind of seamless experience today’s shoppers have come to expect. One-click purchase and pre-filled forms are just two of the time-saving shortcuts that can make filling stockings less of a headache.