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  • 6 min read

    Superstars and Software: Highlights from our 2020 Worldwide Kickoff

    Last year’s annual team retreat was already off the charts, but this year’s Worldwide Kickoff exceeded our wildest expectations. First off, this commencement was double the size of last year’s (580 people!), coalescing workers old and new, including those from our vitalizing acquisition of 2019. Our lively lot metaphorically set sail to the company’s country […]

    Lorraine Ryshin

  • 3 min read

    Balancing Content and Product Investments for Retail Brands

    Though an obvious goal of a business is to sell, the customer experience (CX) expectations that consumers have are not as obvious. Particularly in a landscape that is defined by digital innovation, it can be hard to keep up with shifting CX expectations. Customers place a high amount of interest in value — whether it’s […]

    Melissa Aronson

  • 2 min read

    Dreamforce 2019: What We Learned at one of Tech’s Biggest Events

    In retrospect, my first time at Dreamforce —  a summit for innovation and cutting-edge technology —  was much how I imagined it would be: a three-day techy delight party. Within an hour of landing, I noticed the groundswell badge-carrying, intentional session trekkers and got to key-note crashing.  Salesforce knows how to set a conference vibe […]

    Patricia Cesaire

  • 5 min read

    Digital CX We’re Thankful for: UX Lessons for Thanksgiving & Beyond

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and as we near this precious time of family reunions, hearty meals and giving thanks for all of life’s blessings, we thought it would be fitting to call out another source of our gratitude: good digital customer experience (CX).  While gathering data is crucial to building a good UX […]

    Lorraine Ryshin

  • 6 min read

    Mobile Marketing: How To Boost Your Mobile UX 

    According to Pew Research Center, 81% of Americans today own a smartphone, and mobile dependence is also on the rise.  Emarketer predicts that by 2021, “mCommerce will account for 72.9% of the ecommerce market.”  And yet, mobile conversion rates are still stagnating around 2%. Like many other digital teams around the world, you may be […]

    Pierre Sommer

  • 8 min read

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Calculations, Measurements & Best Practices

    Conversion rate is the KPI of all KPIs. It directly impacts a company’s pipeline and revenues, making it the most important metric for most digital marketers and their businesses. However, according to MarketingExperiments, only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.  Addressing this dissatisfaction is where conversion rate optimization (CRO) comes into […]

    Lorraine Ryshin

  • 3 min read

    Driving online conversions in the automotive industry

    A business school professor of mine once referenced “buying a car from a dealership” as one of Americans’ top ten fears. And while the nation’s anxieties have evolved since my MBA years, shopping for a vehicle remains a significant pain for many consumers today. Pushy sales tactics, a lack of transparency, hidden costs and add-ons […]

    Efrat David

  • 3 min read

    Every Financial Services Customer is a Digital Customer

    Contentsquare helps global financial services providers improve customer experience and business results.