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  • 5 min read

    Mobile-only Indexing: How to Get Your Website Ready for Google’s Biggest Update in Years

    If you’re confused about the internet’s latest buzzword, don’t worry; we’re here to explain what mobile-only indexing means in simple terms. We’ll also show you what to do to ensure your site isn’t negatively affected. So, in one sentence; what is mobile-only indexing?  Mobile-only indexing means that Google will now only use the mobile version […]

    Katie Leask

  • 4 min read

    4 Customer Experience Trends That Will Give You The Edge In 2021

    Seems like just yesterday we were pouring over lists of predictions for 2020, and considering all the ways in which the digital experience wars would heat up. But that was a whole year (and lifetime!) ago, and heat up they did… Little did we know what lay ahead, and the extent to which the best-laid […]

    Niki Hall

  • 3 min read

    3 Tips for Developing a Customer Journey Optimization Strategy

    Over the past year, as life has globally become more tethered than ever to technology and digital experiences due to the pandemic, site experience and ease of navigation have never been more important. Compound this digital reliance with a saturated marketplace where 100s of retailers competing for finite wallet share and you’ll see why a […]

    Alana Rosenwald

  • 4 min read

    Data: The Secret Weapon for Customer Satisfaction

    Being data-driven isn’t something you can just proclaim. It’s something you have to work towards and maintain.  How are today’s brands becoming more data-driven? They’re adopting new tools and incrementally making changes based on their data and analysis. As the eCommerce landscape continues to get more and more competitive, now is a great time for […]

    Mathieu Staat

  • 4 min read

    15 Customer Experience Leaders to Follow

    The world of customer experience is ever-changing – as consumer preferences and the technologies that aim to serve them continue to evolve at a dizzying pace. New technology disruptors and sophisticated strategies are introduced almost daily. It can be tricky to keep track of all these innovative CX strategies and trends. Luckily, something as easy […]


  • 3 min read

    Impact of Coronavirus on eCommerce: Digital Traffic and Sales Remain Strong As Stores Reopen (Update 14)

    To provide understanding during this uncertain time, we are monitoring the impact of coronavirus on online consumer behaviors. See the latest data on our Covid-19 eCommerce Impact data hub. Our analysts have been capturing and analyzing billions of digital visitor sessions over the past 15 weeks to bring experience makers up-to-date insight into online customer […]

    Jean-Marc Bellaiche

  • 4 min read

    Leveraging Data Science to Understand User Behavior

    This article was written by our partner Cognetik, as part of our series highlighting direct insights from our large ecosystem of partners. Data Science is an umbrella term used for multiple industries, such as data analytics, big data, business intelligence, data mining, machine learning & AI, and predictive analytics, and is clearly on an upward trend. […]


  • 3 min read

    How We’re Empowering Brands to Improve Lives Through Digital Experiences

    At Contentsquare, we envision a world where every digital interaction improves lives. As we spend more and more time online these days, it’s important to us that the user experience and customer journey are meaningful. But today, the digital world is plagued by poor experiences. Brands have traditionally been unable to deliver the experiences customers […]

    Lucie Buisson