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  • 3 min read

    Rage Clicks: What are they and how to avoid them

    Rage clicks are when users click on an element of a website or app in frustration or anger. This can happen when users are experiencing technical issues, such as slow loading times or broken links. It can also happen when users are frustrated with the overall user experience. Rage clicks can hurt your website or […]


  • 5 min read

    Dive into Digital Experience Analytics—and close the experience gap

    Our platform’s new capabilities, including app analytics and real-time benchmarks, will help you drive growth As Chief Product Officer at Contentsquare, I’m laser-focused on ensuring businesses can build better digital experiences with our platform, and that our platform experience is addressing both their needs, pain points and desires and those of their customers. I’m therefore […]

    Lucie Buisson

  • 5 min read

    5 strategies to improve the insurance customer experience

    It’s hard for insurance carriers today to offer stand-out products and pricing. But there is one area in which you can still really differentiate in Insurance: Customer experience. Historically a high-churn industry, Insurance is now more focused on nurturing customer loyalty and securing customer retention. As a result, carriers are all vying to provide the […]

    Jack Law

  • 6 min read

    5 reasons to read our Financial Services Customer Experience Benchmark report

    With competition heating up in the Financial Services industry, the firms that differentiate and win in 2023 will be those that—with the help of an analytics solution—deliver amazing digital customer experiences. A great financial services customer experience (CX) can make a big difference to a firm’s bottom line. According to a recent Forrester report, a […]

    Jack Law

  • 2 min read

    The Contentsquare and Adobe Analytics integration explained

    With 81% of organizations citing customer experience (CX) as a competitive differentiator in 2023, it’s essential to have the right tools to help you track, analyze and understand your website visitors’ behavior. This is where the Contentsquare and Adobe Analytics integration can help—the combination of these two powerful tools gives you a complete picture of […]

    Delaney McDonald

  • 8 min read

    The eCommerce conversion funnel is changing: Here’s 3 strategies to help you adapt

    The transformation of the eCommerce conversion funnel is a major paradigm shift that digital eCommerce teams can’t afford to ignore. For starters, it helps explain the -3.5% Year-on-Year drop in eCommerce conversion rates that we saw last year—and the accompanying dip in session consumption metrics such as time spent per session. We lay out exactly how […]

    Jack Law

  • 3 min read

    How New Look optimized its product detail pages to drive additional revenue with Contentsquare

    The product detail page (PDP) is where your customers come to find out everything they need to know about your products—making it the most valuable page in your entire digital customer journey. Today, PDPs are leading the way in terms of page consumption. According to this year’s Digital Experience Benchmark Report, product pages are the […]

    Nea Bjorkqvist

  • 2 min read

    The future of retail media: Unlocking the power of data with Digital Experience Analytics

    Retail media is quickly becoming the next big thing for retailers, with many developing their own retail media networks by turning their eCommerce sites into media properties. And it’s no surprise, as this allows retailers to drive more revenue while enabling brands to reach more relevant shoppers. In this blog, we’ll provide an overview of […]

    Maylis Bosche