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Delaney McDonald

April 11, 2022 | 2 min read

We interviewed Eric Hubbard, Director of Site Experience at to get his expert insight into retail trends in 2022 and advice on how to start the new year off strong (whether that’s a fiscal or calendar year). 

What retail trends are you seeing for eCommerce? 

From creating an omnichannel brand identity to user-generated and interactive content, Eric shares the top retail trends he’s seeing this year:

“It’s an exciting time in retail, but I think digital is going to continue to remain extremely critical as we’ve seen over the past five years. There are just so many advantages to combining digital and traditional brick-and-mortar retail to cross-collaborate. It’s an opportunity to create a good omnichannel brand identity and bring the ease of shopping and customer experience from one to the other as customers start to go back into stores but still rely heavily on digital. 

It’s about personalization and getting your products or brand in front of customers in an engaging way. Interactive videos, user-generated content, and answering customer questions before they ask them are going to continue to grow in popularity. 

Right now is a great opportunity to define your omnichannel brand experience and set yourself apart as customers continue to rely on both digital and brick-and-mortar stores.”

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How do you prepare your team for a successful year?

For Eric, it’s all about balancing time to reflect on the past, while also launching into plans and ideas for the future with enthusiasm and a fresh perspective.

“First, we just appreciate how much we’ve accomplished in this past year and in 2020. It’s been a wild 24 months for digital eCommerce, but we can always look back at what worked and what didn’t and recognize our great trajectory and growth so far.

We take time to breathe and refocus on some of the long-term projects and goals and take time to think about the things that are going to improve our site and our business, not just short-term, but long-term.”

“It’s important to remind your team to take a step back from the painting, see the whole picture, and come into the new year with fresh eyes and new ideas.” – Eric Hubbard, Director of Site Experience at

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Eric’s top tips for success in 2022

  • Take time to reflect on your accomplishments over the previous year.
  • Revisit long-term goals and those ideas you’ve had to put on hold.
  • Think big—what would you do if the budget wasn’t a concern?
  • Don’t get stuck in just the day-to-day, brainstorm how you can continue to grow and adapt as an organization beyond just the new year.

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