Product News|January 16, 2018

Auto-Zone: ContentSquare's Intelligent Tagging Technology

The digital future has landed, ushering in a new age of experience. Digital natives and eCommerce trailblazers are driving ever higher standards of convenience, and are putting experience at the heart of every digital journey.

Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all online experience, and traditional market segmentation has made way for a more fluid understanding of consumer behavior.

But how do you measure the success of a digital journey when it is impacted by so many variables, such as a user’s mood, intent and circumstances? The answer is: with groundbreaking, highly responsive technology, capable of tracking and decoding the nuances of modern-day consumer behavior.

That’s why ContentSquare developed Auto-Zone, a revolution in experience analytics designed to save you time and money by empowering your team to take fast, data-driven action based on your site’s performance.

Watch it in action here:


So, exactly how pioneering is Auto-Zone?

Well, for one, Auto-Zone eliminates the grunt work of tagging so you can concentrate on improving your UX. IT teams everywhere regularly spend hours tagging individual elements on each page of a site to analyze how engagement with these elements impacts customer journeys. Keeping up with frequent design and content updates to satisfy ever-increasing customer expectations makes the task even more time-consuming. Our solution relies on a single algorithm, which you deploy once and then forget about. Auto-Zone AI is designed to recognize the function of elements and label them automatically. It scans your site in seconds, isolating each component once and for all, and sparing you the hassle of customized tagging.

Auto-Zone turns non-data analysts into User Experience (UX) experts. Auto-Zone overlays UX KPIs over each element of a page (including non-clickable elements) delivering an immediate, highly visual performance reading that is easily understood by anyone on your team. Thanks to our intuitive design, it’s almost as though your platform were talking to you – telling you which sections are driving conversion, and which parts are leaving users frustrated.


We hope this comes as good news to digital teams. Because after focusing on developing instantly gratifying, highly personalized experiences for digital natives, they can finally enjoy instant, customized insights themselves. By flagging up any frictions along the consumer journey, and generating automatic recommendations for your team, Auto-Zone enables fast, effective fixes.

Also, it’s a bit like having a time machine in the office. Our technology allows you to dig up data retroactively so that teams can continue learning from past consumer behavior. With a traditional tagging plan, you can only revisit timestamps and site elements that your teams had the foresight to tag. With Auto-Zone, you can zoom into any element you might want to take a closer look at, enabling a sharper, no-regrets approach to analysis.

Another great feature of Auto-Zone is that it actually gets to know you over time. Allowing you to rate the usefulness of alerts means the technology builds up intelligence on your specific needs and areas of interest. The more you use it, the more it can zone in on what you find helpful.

It’s a game-changer. By automating manual tasks and allowing teams to measure the impact of their actions in real time, we are not only changing the way people process data, we’re transforming the way they work. Speed to insights and AI-powered hints mean teams can waste no time in harnessing the power of data for swift, verified optimization.

Contact us to see how Auto-Zone can increase the productivity of your team.

Sarah Francoise

Sarah is on the marketing team at ContentSquare, and works in the New York office.

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