Only 28.4% of French people say they are ready to follow the recommendations of their favorite brand of tea



May 9, 2022 | 3 min read

Paris, May 9, 2022 – Ahead of International Tea Day on May 21, 2022, Contentsquare, the leading Experience Analytics platform, surveyed French consumers about their tea buying habits, and whether or not they would be likely to try new products when prompted by their favorite brand.  

At a time when brands are committed to providing the best recommendations to their customers, old habits die hard. According to the survey, it is not all that easy to get French consumers out of their comfort zone and change their consumption habits, with only 28.4% of respondents, or just over 1 in 4, saying they would be ready to test new tea flavors or switch from tea bags to loose leaf. A further 42.3% said they would be unwilling to try something new.

Satisfying customers at each stage of their digital journey can be tricky but is not impossible, and a great digital experience will strengthen the relationship between customer and brand. According to the survey, being a customer’s favorite brand is not enough. Brands need to offer consumers relevant choices, in the right channel at the right time, accompanied by attractive visuals and detailed descriptions, ensuring all product pages load times are optimized for (on both desktop and mobile). Making sure customers will actually find existing content is also key, given that on average, only 54% of web page content is seen (source: Digital Experience Benchmark from Contentsquare).

A multitude of technical factors at play, to provide an optimal experience

Providing customers with an impeccable digital experience is key, as is eliminating any errors in the process, so that customers whose expectations for the digital customer experience are at an all time high, do not leave the site. To do this, it is necessary to monitor and optimize these experiences, which is why Kusmi Tea decided to rely on the Contentsquare platform. This allowed the brand to identify and correct an error on the AB test of the shopping cart page, concerning a specific user segment, which, according to his estimates, caused up to 5K€ of losses in just 11 days, i.e. no less than €166K less revenue per year.

By using the Impact Quantification module, Kusmi Tea was able to precisely assess the impact of this error and its level of prioritization. The segment exposed the error of the AB test (A) and had a very low conversion rate (2.22%) – 10 times lower than the conversion rate of the segment (B) of 23.9%. With this error, segment A was converting 90.7% less than segment B, so there was a huge margin for improvement. Kusmi Tea was then able to identify the typology of users encountering the error and resolve this issue. Thus, the data validated an intuition and made it possible to improve customer satisfaction.

“How do you convince a prospect that they will like a tea flavor without being able to taste it first? This is the challenge for a brand like ours on the web. Thanks to Contentsquare, we are able to segment our visitors in order to analyze their behavior and make changes — for example, describing a product from our category pages to encourage the discovery of new flavors without having to visit each of the product sheets, introducing special offers to reduce the number of bounces among new visitors, or even making mobile ordering more seamless by highlighting key information and reassurance,” said Nicolas Ferré, e-Commerce Product Owner at Orientis, Kusmi Tea.

“KPIs such as the bounce rate or the time spent on the site give us key indicators for measuring customer engagement and optimizing site pages. We also use zoning analysis to identify the areas of a page on which visitors linger or click, or areas they don’t view, in order to improve the layout and prioritize content,” said Agathe Orsoni, Manager Customer Success France at Contentsquare.

*Methodology: study carried out with a sample of 1,762 French people via Google Survey over the period from April 28 to 29, 2022.

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