Meet our Partner Series: Feld-M


Perri O'Brien

May 22, 2023 | 2 min read

Meet Lutz Wiechert, CEO at Feld M.

By way of introduction, what is your role and what types of customers do you serve?

Lutz Wiechert: We serve a broad range of clients big and small from various industries, especially automotive & mobility, retail, financial services, healthcare & pharma and media. We like to work for scale ups and social impact companies.

I founded FELD M back in 1999 and try to do my part for its ongoing success.


What trends do you see in the customer experience analytics space?

LW: As in other fields, one big trend in my perspective is the rising use of machine learning and AI to automate insight generation and predict user behavior accompanied by recommendations on how to optimize customer experiences.


What is your most successful target market and what’s your ideal customer profile?

LW: Actually there is no single target market that works best for us. We rather embrace our diverse client base. Our ideal customer:

– is kind and smart.

– is an expert themsleves.

– wants to make a real difference beyond the buzz.

– values a methodical approach, e.g. user-centric development.

– sees customer experience analytics as means of optimization through experiments.


What do you think makes for a good customer relationship?

LW: I think a high quality of the delivered results is a prerequisite. But for a really good customer relationship we have to deeply care not only for the deliverables but for the client side people we are collaborating with. Let’s have a good time together. This caring should include kindness, reliability, honesty, transparency and a good portion of thinking along and ahead.

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

LW: Well, a lot of our competitors are definitely great. But I think first of all we have an exceptional team of incredibly kind and smart colleagues. Their skills and experiences combined with a user-centric, methodical approach ensures the quality we like to be known for. We do really care about our clients. 

Tell us about a successful customer engagement you worked on together with ContentSquare?

LW: Recently one client chose Contentsquare for enabling non-data employees to generate insights and making data-informed decisions. It was rewarding to train these employees and see them successfully using Contentsquare in their daily operations.

What are the critical steps in your sales process and what do you focus on when building ongoing relationships with your customers?

LW: For me, listening is very critical. And then building trust by not overselling, but consulting the customer in their very best interest. Thinking long term.


What advice would you give to those looking to partner with ContentSquare?

LW: Be prepared for a team of really nice people with drive.


If you had one wish of ContentSquare, what would that be?

LW: Continue to connect customers and partners for deep conversations about analyzing and optimizing customer experiences. Continue building a vibrant customer experience analytics community.


Fun question: What’s your favorite vacation destination, and why?


LW: Our garden. Only 12 km away from home. Enjoying nature and family, inviting friends, working with my hands.