L’OCCITANE Increases Agility for Reacting to Anomalies with use of AI-based Digital Experience Alerts



January 16, 2019 | 2 min read

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L’OCCITANE x Contentsquare

Contentsquare, an AI-powered digital experience insights solution, announced today that L’OCCITANE en Provence, a leading natural cosmetics manufacturer and retailer, is using its AI Alerts to detect and react to digital experience anomalies faster, thereby reducing the manual effort required to improve conversions and drive revenue.

“When people walk into a L’OCCITANE store, we aim to provide an experience that connects the customer to our brand and promotes engagement. At our flagship stores in New YorkLondon and Melbourne, for example, we offer hand massages, product customization, gift engraving and the chance to enjoy a special a Provençal treat,” said Laura Sayag, Ecommerce Coordinator for the L’OCCITANE Group. “It’s critical to provide the same high level of experience in our brick and mortar store as we do for our online customers. That’s why we’re using Contentsquare’s AI Alerts. Whenever an anomaly on the website arises, if the alert has been created, our team can now spring into action more quickly.”

Proactive monitoring of the site from a business perspective means teams receive timely notifications of any performance deviation, enabling fast, focused reactions. The AI Alerts feature identifies, for example, technical and usability anomalies, including if there is unusually high visitor frustration on page controls, which may prevent customers from completing transactions. It works on both critical pages that deliver a substantial portion of overall conversions and revenue, and pages that are less trafficked day-to-day, but can be important when specific events occur.

It ensures the optimal customer experience and ease of conversion without manual monitoring, which takes too much time on a large website and is subject to human error. And Contentsquare’s granular-level data means alerts can be triggered by changes on individual page elements, including the level of engagement or hesitation with merchandise images, FAQs, form fields, call-to-actions, buttons, etc.

The alerts also monitor for unforeseen changes in demand e.g. content pages and elements seeing a spike or downturn in engagement based on related trends elsewhere on the Internet, allowing teams to react and address the market opportunity with, for example, a social media campaign.

“The machine learning model understands how behaviors and business metrics are trending and is able to detect anomalies and unusual deviations from the norms to trigger timely notifications,” said Jonathan Cherki, CEO and Founder of Contentsquare. “Unlike manual alerts, users don’t have to set up thresholds, avoiding the ‘Alerts-fatigue’ that comes with being overloaded with meaningless notifications whenever a metric fluctuates normally e.g. during weekly campaign days or on weekends vs. weekdays. We’re excited to see L’OCCITANE continue to lead the industry in user experience with our new solution.”