Why Khaleej Times is partnering up with Contentsquare (and why you should too)


Nea Bjorkqvist

September 6, 2022 | 2 min read

We had the pleasure of chatting with Sohail Nawaz, Chief Digital Officer at Khaleej Times on our brand new partnership. In this exclusive interview, he shares why they chose Contentsquare’s digital experience analytics platform to help their teams better understand their online customer behavior and deliver exceptional experiences for their readers. 

Could you introduce yourself and your team?

SN: Sure! I’m the Chief Digital Officer for Khaleej Times, one of the leading publishers in the Middle East, which sits under the Galadari Group. I’m responsible for driving our digital strategy and overseeing the adoption of digital technologies across the organization. My team looks after everything that happens on our website, from UX to CRO, and how our content can deliver exceptional experiences for our readers.

What are your key challenges and priorities?

SN: At the moment, I’m focused on three key areas:

  • Understanding our customer behavior. The business is aiming to increase news subscriptions in the first half of this year but it has proved challenging to understand how different types of customers engage with our material.
  • The current tech stack is limiting Khaleej Times from understanding user engagement and how various articles impact the propensity to convert users into subscriptions and then paying customers.
  • Page views equal revenue, but there is currently no measurement framework to help improve this key metric. The industry norm is to spend much time making decisions based on opinion-led hypotheses

What was it about Contentsquare that stood out to you?

SN: First off, Contentsquare has a fantastic reputation in the digital analytics industry. The platform also has existing integrations with our tech stack, such as Tealium and Google Analytics, which was an important requirement for us. 

“Once we started onboarding, not only was the ease and speed a huge win but it was also refreshing to work with the Contentsquare team who have gone above and beyond in our conversations, leaving no stone unturned when exploring our mutual fit.”   — Sohail Nawaz, Chief Digital Officer at Khaleej Times

Why Contentsquare, and why now?
SN: As the world continues to turn digital-first, it’s only natural that we need to change the way we consume and action data. Contentsquare makes it easy for all of our team members to understand traditionally confusing web data, which saves us a great deal of time in hitting our aggressive growth targets for 2022 and beyond.

Which teams are getting their hands on Contentsquare?
SN: Our content and UX teams will take the lead on this but as we grow, we aim to empower as many teams as we can!

You’re recommending us to a pal in the industry. You have 30 seconds. Go!
SN: If you have been relying on analytics tools to provide context to your users, it’s time you had a chat with Contentsquare to learn how they can fill in the gaps in your customer behavior.

A quick word from Jake at Contentsquare

“It’s great to be working so closely with a company that affects the lives of millions of individuals daily. At Contentsquare, we understand how important it is to deliver a great experience for your customers and to be able to support Khaleej Times in doing so now, but also in the future, is a real pleasure.” —Jake Stroyan, Sales Director MENA