Keeping your team motivated when peak season hits


Katie Leask

August 20, 2021 | 4 min read

The experienced digital practitioners among us will know that preparing your website is only half the battle when peak season comes around. The other half? Keeping your team motivated, focused, and happy during your busiest time of year.

Your brand is made up of the people within it, which means a truly successful peak season depends on the individuals who are calling the shots, optimizing the web pages, and manically preparing Black Friday orders in the thousands.

This means organizing a fun activity to help your team blow off steam after a hectic week isn’t just nice for team bonding, it can also be good for business. A happy team is a hungry team, and we believe in never underestimating the impact a good cocktail-making session can have on team morale.

So we asked our teams around the world what virtual and in-person treats they love for boosting team morale during peak season and beyond…


Throw an impromptu breakfast party

Get the day off to a flying start by throwing your team a surprise breakfast party. Ban all work chat for 45 minutes and let everyone ease into the day with a croissant and a refreshing glass of orange juice. 

A casual breakfast event is a great way to energize people in the morning, plus requires far less dedication than an after-work dinner. 

At Contentsquare, we find a chilled, breakfast-filled morning lays the groundwork for a successful and productive day, so we’ll be whipping out the pastries come Black Friday, big time.

Throw an impromptu breakfast


Host your own pub quiz

Who doesn’t love a spot of pointless knowledge bombing? Answer: Certainly not our US team. And rumor has it that Eleni Mitzalis, Senior Manager of Demand Generation, hosts one mean pub quiz.

So gather everyone around in the office on a Friday afternoon or whack a virtual date in your team’s diary. Encourage bar snacks, beer, and great team names (the ruder the better) – and prepare to get competitive.

Host your own pub quiz


Shaken not stirred; get cocktail making!

Whether you’re back in the office or getting your peak on from home this year, cocktails are one sure-fire way to take the edge of a hectic week. 

And the good news is there are just as many virtual cocktail classes as there are in-person events these days, making this one a crowd-pleaser for everyone – whether you’re back in the office or not!

We can’t lie, cocktail-making parties are a staple here at Contentsquare (we just can’t say no to another Pornstar Martini). From the UK to the US to France, we’ve been brushing up on our Pina Coladas, mocktails, and Cosmopolitans with glee – and we’ll definitely be unwinding with an ice gold Gin Fizz during peak season, too.

Hannah's cocktail


French team cocktail making


Fire up your creative juices 

Peak season often means plenty of time stuck in front of a computer, so encouraging your team to step away from the screen for an hour and do something creative instead can help them blow off steam and get re-energized for the coming week. So, why not host an art competition? 

Block out an hour in everyone’s calendar on a Friday afternoon and get out the paintbrushes. Get creative, think outside the box, and spark creativity among your team. Who can draw the best picture with their feet? Who can turn a humble tea bag into a Picasso-esque work of art? (Hint: apparently not us). 

Getting creative in the NE team


Get tasty with a cookathon!

We’re big foodies at Contentsquare, which means 95% of our office chat is restaurant- and cookbook-related. It also means we love a cookathon. 

Paula Morris suggests getting everyone along to a Chefinar session. This one’s great for global teams that may not be able to unwind in person, or for those who are working remotely. 


Host your own game show

By far, one of the highlights of the Northern Europe team’s social calendar this year was hosting their very own Would Marketing Lie To You game show (complete with Rob Brydon face mask).

For those of you who don’t know the show, the game centers around one player stating two facts and one lie. The rest of the players have to work out what is the lie by asking questions and coming to a mutual consensus. Split into two teams, each player has a turn to lie with the other team guessing, the team at the end who got the most right wins!

Would I lie to you?


Discover your local neighborhood

With most of us forced to work remotely over the last year, it’s been a sheer delight to start socializing in person again. So if your team feels comfortable, why not organize a trip out in your local neighborhood?

Yes, we’re all a teensy bit jealous that our French team’s Local Night Out consists of an evening boat trip on the Seine. The views! The wine! The pure, beautiful Frenchness! While your local boozer might not be as stunning as a Parisian river, we’re sure there’ll be a gorgeous spot nearby where your team can unwind and soak up the local atmosphere.

French team social



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