Intern Appreciation Week 2023 Recap: A Journey of Connection, Appreciation, Learning and Development



August 21, 2023 | 4 min read

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2023

At Contentsquare, we recently held our first Intern Appreciation Week from July 24 to 28, 2023. The week-long event celebrated our interns and apprentices’ dedication, passion, and contributions worldwide. Festivities included ‘Meet the Team Monday,’ where we introduced our current Emerging Talent to the global #CSquad, ‘Learning and Development Tuesday,’ where we hosted a panel discussion on how interns can optimize their internship experience, ‘Lunch on Us Wednesday,’ which provided opportunities for networking both in our local offices and online, and ‘Social Hour Thursday,’ a casual end-of-week event to have some fun together.

Let’s hear from some interns as they reflect on the week’s highlights.

Building Bridges: Connecting Across Borders

“I found the Intern Appreciation Week to be both invigorating and a delightful escape from our daily routines. It provided us with a unique opportunity to connect with fellow interns and gain a deeper appreciation for the global and dynamic nature of our CSquad community. The virtual team lunches were a highlight, offering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie, especially in the context of remote work that can sometimes feel isolating.

The virtual games were a source of genuine enjoyment, and I eagerly anticipate more such engaging activities in the future. It’s truly refreshing to witness how Contentsquare values and recognizes its interns, making us feel like integral members of the team.

Looking ahead, I hope for a time when we can all meet in person, fostering the bonds we forged during this week and strengthening the sense of unity and connection. The Intern Appreciation Week was more than just a fleeting event; it reminded us of the shared spirit that binds us within the CSquad family.”

Mahfuz Uddin, Account Development Representative

📍London, United Kingdom

Gratitude and Appreciation: A two-way street

“Participating in Intern Appreciation Week at Contentsquare was a great experience that left me feeling valued beyond measure. The company’s focus on appreciation had a profound impact on my motivation and enthusiasm throughout the first few weeks of my internship.

During the week, I was pleasantly surprised by genuine gestures of recognition from both my team and the company as a whole. These instances of acknowledgment not only boosted my self-confidence but also fueled my desire to put my best foot forward. Knowing my efforts were recognized and celebrated created a positive feedback loop, driving me to push boundaries and excel in my projects.
I’m grateful to work with this amazing group of people every day. Contentsquare’s commitment to appreciation transforms my internship experience into a journey of growth, learning, and success!”

Risha Patel , Marketing Intern

📍San Francisco, California


Mentorship Matters: Nurturing growth and development 

“Intern Appreciation Week was a transformative experience that left a profound impact on my personal and professional development here at Contentsquare. The events and activities provided invaluable insights and skills to fully optimize my internship journey, emphasizing fostering a positive and supportive learning environment.

The week started with an enlightening panel discussion hosted by Maria Restrepo, Talent Sorcer. Yanilda Gonzalez, Director of TA Operations, was one of the panelists who advised about the importance of networking and seeking mentorships, setting clear goals and embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. Another one of the panelists, Heidi Higginbottom, Global L&D partner, walked us through various skill-building strategies, focusing on communication, time management, and problem-solving. Together, their advice on navigating internships set a tone for a purposeful internship experience. Rebeca Andrades and Janine Hernandez shared their internship journeys and provided advice based on their internship experiences. This provided us with practical insights to apply to our own journeys as interns.

During this week, as a member of the Emerging Talents team, I worked on coordinating logistics and distribution of SWAG items to various countries. This honed my organization, teamwork and problem-solving skills. Contributing to the program’s backend gave me a unique perspective on the effort required to orchestrate such a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Overall, IAW2023 was a week of growth, learning, networking and fun! Thank you to the entire ET team for creating this experience. The insight and skills acquired will undoubtedly help in shaping my future endeavors.”

Aisha Shinkafi, Talent Acquisition Intern

📍Paris, France

A Learning Adventure: Discovering new horizons

“As an intern at Contentsquare, I have learned a plethora of things over the course of my time at the company. However, during Intern Appreciation Week, I got to learn more about myself, the company, and my peers because of the events that were held. One event in particular that I got to be a part of was a panel focusing on how to optimize your internship. I was a panelist and got to reflect on my time here and pull together some important tips and tricks. Being able to see the behind-the-scenes of an event like this and learn from the other panelists was also a large takeaway. Another event I want to point out was when the TA team organized a lunch with the interns. This event was lighthearted, and it was nice to just sit down with peers and talk about anything. Overall, internship appreciation week was very special, leading to networking, learning, and growing opportunities.”

Janine Hernandez, Social Media Marketing Intern

📍San Francisco, California

Overall, Intern Appreciation Week (IAW2023) was an excellent opportunity for Contentsquare to acknowledge and celebrate our talented interns. Hearing their testimonials and feedback has shown how much connection, appreciation, learning, and growth can make a difference during an internship experience. We look forward to making our next IAW that much better.

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