• 4 min read

    How Reebok is challenging itself to become the most personalized sports brand in the world

    adidas Group’s Marco Fazio and Charmaine Amsler (Senior Manager and Associated Manager of Conversion Optimization, respectively) spoke at our latest CX Circle event on the importance of leveraging AI and data science for eCommerce brands. Having kickstarted the personalization and A/B testing program at Reebok around 18 months ago, Marco’s team now oversees all of […]

    Katie Leask

  • 5 min read

    2021 Digital Experience Benchmarks by Industry 

    Every year, Contentsquare releases a digital experience benchmark report to help businesses see how their digital experience stacks up against the world’s leading brands. This year’s report stands out for a few reasons. Firstly, it tracks and measures the change in consumer digital behaviors that took place over the last year and the digital transformation […]

    Lyssa Test

  • 9 min read

    How Orvis is Reeling in Digital Sales This Holiday Season

    At Contentsquare, we’re committed to helping you improve your customer journey with our industry-leading merchandizing analytics; our software helps you see which products to promote on your website and how to optimize your online sales performance – all in the same place. Here’s how our tool has helped Orvis… Orvis, outdoor clothing and fly fishing […]

    Lyssa Test

  • 4 min read

    How to Develop a Holiday Discount Strategy with Moss Bros Group

    Retailers are facing a big challenge. In the past, shoppers were climbing over each other in-store to grab the latest bargain. Now, now Black Friday has moved predominantly online, brands need a fresh marketing spin, and flashy discounts just aren’t cutting it anymore. To be a competitive retailer, you need a holiday discount strategy that […]

    Bryony Tagg

  • 3 min read

    Impact of Coronavirus on eCommerce: A Week Of Consolidation And Stabilization (Update 7)

    To provide understanding during this uncertain time, we are monitoring the impact of coronavirus on online consumer behaviors. See the latest data on our Covid-19 eCommerce Impact data hub. As businesses continue to be affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, a picture has emerged over the past few weeks of which sectors are recording a steady […]

    Jean-Marc Bellaiche