How TikTok and LinkedIn bring candidates to Contentsquare


Joey Jackson

August 4, 2022 | 2 min read

We sat down with Customer Success Analytics intern, Rebeca Andrades to hear her recruitment story and how a 4 second Contentsquare TikTok video inspired her to apply for her current role at Contentsquare. 

Rebeca AndradesCustomer Success Analytics intern Rebeca Andrades has always been obsessed with TikTok, using references from the social media platform all the time. “It’s very entertaining and educational. I actually watched a TikTok on how to switch fan settings from winter to summer and thought it was great that TikTok was teaching me everyday things, including food, tech, cooking, cleaning….it really is more educational than I thought. And those short videos definitely work for my attention span,” she shared.

Having spent so much time on the platform, Rebeca wasn’t specifically using TikTok to look for a job, but rather, she used it to browse around and get an idea of what kinds of careers were out there.

One TikTok page she came across was all about finance and technology, where a video produced by one of Contentsquare’s former Talent Acquisition Sourcers’ popped up. The sourcer had been using TikTok in his own recruitment efforts.


Want to #breakintotech ask me how i did it #tech #techjobs #remote #workfromhome #work

♬ love is written in the stars – Alyssa

This video quickly captured Rebeca’s attention, shouting, “Who wants to break into tech making $70K a year – ask me how!” It was a 3-4 second video that completely went viral, providing the sourcer with 1,000 – 7K new followers overnight. The sourcer, having started at Contentsquare recently, had barely received his new Contentsquare email address and was already directing candidates to recruiters.

Rebeca was very interested in this video, so much that she memorized the material, specifically how the material was delivered (“You should work in tech!”). There was a link to the sourcer’s LinkedIn profile on his bio on TikTok and Rebeca started to consider the company – which was Contentsquare! She considered if she could see herself working there.

“I was looking for a company that had values that mirror mine, which is something that’s very important to me. Corporate Social Responsibility is something I took into consideration. As a woman and a person of color, DE&I is very important to me”.

Rebeca also looked at another Contentsquare employee who had posted about having a tree planted (Maia) and “that blew me away that we’re actually doing something to take care of the world we live in. It was a green flag to me, showing that it was definitely where I wanted to be,” shared Rebeca.

Rebeca decided to message the talent sourcer on LinkedIn asking for more information on the role, and the rest is history!

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The power of social media – key learnings

Rebeca shares, “Through this process, I learned: don’t be afraid – be confident – in everything you do. Take initiative and show them you are dedicated to this. For example, I signed up for a Google Data Analytics course very early on to show I was committed.”

“In my very last interview, I emphasized that I can do this because I’m the child of immigrants, a first-generation college grad, and am part of 4% of Latinas (from El Salvador) who have a master’s degree in the US. I have done so many firsts and Contentsquare is definitely where I want to be. I have earned this!”