How Hobbycraft Drove $1.3M in Revenue on Black Friday


Jennifer North, Head of Digital, Hobbycraft

August 19, 2020 | 2 min read

Last Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Hobbycraft is a UK-based arts and crafts retailer—think the A.C. Moore or Michael's of across the pond. With over 95 retail stores and a strong online presence, Hobbycraft has made itself a destination for all things arts, crafts, making, and baking. Last year, the company had a record-breaking Black Friday and raked in nearly $1.3 million in online sales. 

We sat down with Jennifer North, Head of Digital Experience at Hobbycraft, to learn how her team was able to improve their digital experience ahead of the holidays and, ultimately, drive sales. Here's what she had to share: 

How Hobbycraft drove record-breaking sales on Black Friday 2019

You need to focus on every decision you make. You have to ask, 'Will this help the customer to click and progress to the next step?' If what you’re doing doesn’t answer yes to that question, then don’t do it.
Jennifer North

What Jennifer North and the Hobbycraft team learned from last year's Black Friday success:

Here's a brief look at how Contentsquare helped Jennifer and her team create a successful 2019 Black Friday digital strategy and how they're planning to follow up on last year's success in 2020: 

  • Make confident decisions on the fly: Contentsquare gave Jennifer and her team real-time access to customer behavior data and key metrics so they could make confident, data-driven decisions. "On Black Friday, the rules are different," said Jennifer. "You operate daily and look at your data daily." 
  • Reassure senior stakeholders with visual data: Leveraging data from Contentsquare's live zoning tool, Jennifer could back up her team's decisions with indisputable data. She loved having the confidence to face senior leaders and say, “Look at the live zoning, the data tells us this is the right decision."
  • Take the business on a journey: While 2019 proved to be a record-breaking year for the company, Jennifer is committed to making 2020 a success, too. Contentsquare gave Hobbycraft valuable insights into what worked well last year and opportunities for this year's holiday season. "The amount of data that we got last year from Contentsquare means that this year we're making a really informed plan," said Jennifer. "We're geared up and ready to go."

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