How and why we’re supporting #WeThe15; the disability inclusion campaign



September 1, 2021 | 2 min read

Last Updated: Sep 1, 2021

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) just launched its #WeThe15 movement; the largest campaign ever of its kind focused on visibility and inclusion for those with disabilities. 

#WeThe15 will initiate change over the next decade by bringing together the biggest coalition ever of international organizations from sport, human rights, policy, communications, business, arts, and entertainment.

Today, more than 1.2 billion people have an impairment or disability–around 15% of the global population. The pandemic forced many of us to finally understand the importance of digital accessibility and made it clear that we cannot leave 15% of the population behind anymore.

It’s our responsibility to make a difference and build a more inclusive world for everyone. 


The mission

#WeThe15’s mission is to better educate society on the daily life of those with disabilities; the barriers and discrimination they face, plus how they can often struggle to use the web. It’s crucial that we break down these barriers so those with disabilities can fulfill their potential as active and visible members of an inclusive society.


Contentsquare’s commitment

As the digital experience analytics leader, Contentsquare is committed to creating better digital experiences for everyone. We’re on a mission to close the gap of digital accessibility and put this at the forefront of society’s mind.

How? Firstly, we’re helping our customers achieve accessibility compliance in relation to accessibility laws. And secondly, through the Contentsquare Foundation, we’re raising awareness of disabilities and offering those with impairments the ability to adapt all web interfaces and digital documents to their personal reading preferences. 

Marion Ranvier, Web Accessibility and Contentsquare Foundation Director, says, “I’m incredibly proud to lead this initiative at Contentsquare and highlight an important topic that remains relatively unknown.”

As a dyslexic, I’m a part of the 15% and I’m glad to support #WeThe15 because it’s a real opportunity to grow a disability-inclusive culture globally.


Download our accessibility handbook

For more information on how you can help build a more inclusive world, download our Digital Accessibility Handbook which will:

  • Teach you about impairments that affect people’s ability to use the web
  • Provide actionable insights about creating better user experiences for all
  • Give you a handy checklist to ensure accessibility on your own website