Happy Get To Know Your Customers Day from Contentsquare!


Katie Leask

July 15, 2021 | 3 min read

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2021

If there’s one thing we love at Contentsquare, it’s shouting about our talented, enthusiastic, and downright wonderful clients. 

So for this Get To Know Your Customers Day, we decided to quiz a handful of our clients on their best career advice, their ideal morning routines, what’s getting them excited this year, and what they’re loving most about Contentsquare. Here’s what the lovely Sunny, Lars, Jess and Hayley had to say…


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What’s your ideal morning routine?

sunnyI’ll wake up, get ready and dressed, and have breakfast while enjoying the sun on my balcony!

Sunny Song, Lead CRO at OUI.sncf




larsStart the day with a workout at my local gym, take a shower, and commute to Amsterdam while listening to my favorite podcasts.

Lars Harmsen, Head of User Experience at Beerwulf




hayleyWake up to puppy cuddles, get up, get ready and go for a dog walk. Then start the day with a cup of tea and a yummy breakfast!

Hayley Jones, CRO Project Manager at Bamboo




jessMy typical day starts at 0500, (gross) I am not a morning person. After snoozing my alarm a few minutes, I head to the kitchen, straight to my Keurig, hair looking like a hot mess. I simply can’t function without a large cup of coffee out on my veranda and at least one hour of snuggle time with my precious bulldogs, Maverick and Caesar. Once I pull myself together, I strap on my running shoes for a two-mile run, which really helps to process my upcoming workday. Then it’s at the office at 0800 hitting non-stop meetings!

Honestly, if I had it my way, the ideal morning would be sleeping in till 10ish then snuggling with the pups watching the ID channel – but life’s not fair!

Jess Hutson, Director of Martech at the University of Phoenix


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What are you most excited about in the next year?

Getting to TRAVEL!!! I can’t wait to go out and explore the world again. My next destination would be somewhere in Southeast Asia, or a road trip in the USA!



Traveling through Europe to eat at a couple of world-renowned restaurants!



Buying a house with my partner.



I am excited to start traveling again! Now that I work from home permanently, I’d like to visit new places and experience new cities, travel to an exotic country, or learn a new culture. I want my zoom background to be real! Also, I’m newly engaged so my fiancé and I plan to be rebels and elope this year! VEGAS!



✅ 💡 📊

What is your favorite thing about CS? 

CS Live! It’s amazing how we can get data so quickly, it really helps us save time in our analyses. I’ve also learned how to make good use of the dashboards and alerts in CS, it helps us get an overview of our performance very quickly!



Sequential segments with zones and session replays based on on-site poll feedback responses.



Journey analysis and being able to segment users based on their different journey paths. Our customers don’t necessarily navigate as we suspect and some of our content has been confusing for customers for quite some time (we were clueless about this before using CS Zonings).



Besides the amazing CS platform, I enjoy working with the team most. I feel like CS is family, everyone cares about your challenges, strategy, and goals. More importantly, I feel like a VIP, the team is always available to jump on calls and roll up their sleeves to get work done with me. This year, the best thing I’ve learned with CS is that the product really does sell itself, but with my organization, it is vital to have a strategy. We strategically chose Product Owners and Product Managers on our agile teams to serve as power users for CS, this move was instrumental in adoption, visibility, and identifying awesome use cases to help remove bias. I’m excited to see CS grow outside of the marketing organization!



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What’s one piece of career advice you’d give your younger self?

Networking is key! It is very important to create a network for you to learn, grow, and connect. You never know who you may cross paths with again later in your career!



Pay more attention in math and statistics classes and learn to code



Learn as you go, don’t feel like you have to know everything, consider your failures as learning opportunities.



Girl, buy the red power suit! On a serious note, don’t try to be someone else. Start forming your professional identity and brand yourself early! Your brand matters, and it’s okay to have a nice mix of transparency, vulnerability, and integrity. Understandably, this is a journey, but increased self-awareness is the first step to finding your authentic self – personally and professionally.



A huge thanks to Jess, Hayley, Lars, and Sunny for their contributions to this post. We’ll see you again next quarter!