Experience Analytics Leader Contentsquare Acquires eMerchandising Solution Pricing Assistant



June 26, 2019 | 2 min read

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2020

NEW YORK, NY — June 26, 2019Contentsquare, a leading digital experience insights platform trusted by brands like Avis, Sainsbury’s, Sephora and Walmart, announced today it has acquired Paris-based Pricing Assistant, a prominent provider of online pricing optimization and e-merchandising solutions, to add pricing, product and competitive data into its behavioral analysis. The addition of e-merchandising delivers on Contentsquare’s mission to make it easy for everyone working in digital Commerce to understand the intent and goals of their customers and create superior shopping experiences.

Fueled by intelligence, Contentsquare goes beyond traditional KPIs to give companies a granular understanding of the performance of their web, mobile site and app — down to which in-page elements are encouraging visitor engagement and which are stalling conversions. By adding e-merchandising analysis — including product, inventory, delivery, reviews, pricing and promotions data — to Contentsquare’s behavioral analysis, brands will be able to predict which online shoppers are likely to buy or not and how to tailor the experience to improve conversion and customer satisfaction.

“By acquiring Pricing Assistant, we are bringing mission-critical merchandising capabilities to the Contentsquare platform, expanding the depth and accessibility of customer understanding,” said Jonathan Cherki, CEO and founder of Contentsquare. “Today there is no other experience analytics platform that integrates the effects of pricing and merchandising into the analysis of customer behavior. We’re excited to welcome the talented Pricing Assistant team and to further innovate with them as we bring the power of merchandising into our solutions.”

Pricing Assistant provides a unique technology solution allowing retailers of all sizes to optimize their pricing strategy by monitoring product prices offered by their online competitors and providing tools to implement optimal price strategy adjustments in a highly competitive retail environment. Pricing Assistant, which was founded six years ago, is a best in class solution based on advanced algorithmic and proprietary web crawling technology delivering unique competitive pricing insights.
As part of the acquisition, the Pricing Assistant team, including co-founders Martin de Charette and Sylvain Zimmer will join Contentsquare in its Paris office.

“In addition to having complimentary technology, our companies have similar cultures,” said Martin de Charette, Co-Founder and CEO of Pricing Assistant. “We both have French roots, and our companies share the same values of ambition and creativity. We’re honored to join a larger team that will provide new resources to help us take what we’ve started to the next level. Together we can provide retailers with the most comprehensive understanding of why users are buying or not and provide insights to execute highly competitive customer acquisition strategies at the right time, in real time.”

Since forming in 2012 Contentsquare has continued to innovate and grow. In the last year, the company raised a $60 million Series C round to bring its total funding to $120 million; launched new products like CS Live, a browser extension that enables clients to display key behavior metrics directly onto their website without the need for a dashboard; and partnered with a number of leading companies, including most recently Salesforce. Pricing Assistant is Contentsquare’s first acquisition.