Everything You Were Too Afraid to Ask About Mobile Optimization


Chris Camps

February 8, 2019 | 2 min read

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M-commerce is big. And it’s getting bigger.

Using revenue as a metric, m-commerce has already passed web eCommerce. According to Statista, m-commerce will represent 67.2% of all online commerce by the end of 2019 and 72.9% by 2021.

Much of the growth in m-commerce is coming from emerging markets which, due to the proliferation and low cost of mobile devices, tend to be mobile-first economies. These engines of growth are pretty much operating in a post-web world.

Also according to Statista, users spend in the region of just 4 minutes in the average m-commerce app. That’s a reduction from 6 minutes in 2017!

So that’s just 4 minutes to convince the user to make that purchase.

Keep it bitesize

One important aspect of UX design is friction. Friction is anything that prevents the visitor from accomplishing a task in the app. Friction is bad. Friction can lead to app exits, frustration, and a drop in overall conversation rates.

One way to reduce friction is the design principle known as chunking. Chunking was developed by the psychologist George Miller in 1956. It’s the cognitive psychology theory that states the number of objects the average human can process at any one time is 7+ or -2.

App and mobile web designers use Chunking to group together related objects into logical groups. This technique can be used to organize single screens and also to break up complex tasks into sub-tasks, like signup forms and presentations.

Simple, right?

Marketers love to talk about the challenges that mobile presents, but few provide practical, actionable advice, based on real data, that marketers and digital teams can use to improve their mobile user experience.

For our latest report, Everything You Were Too Afraid to Ask About Mobile Optimisation, we analyzed millions of user sessions across mobile and desktop and turned our findings into practical advice on how to create a bigger impact for your business on mobile web and app.

In the report, we cover:

  • Mobile myths
  • Retention strategies
  • Quick tips to boost mobile conversion
  • Best practice when designing for mobile
  • Building a mobile-first methodology