Dress for success: Scotch & Soda partner with Contentsquare



July 8, 2021 | 4 min read

We sat down with Laura Valls, Head of Ecommerce Buying & Merchandising to find out why Scotch & Soda chose Contentsquare as their one-stop-shop experience analytics platform.

About Laura and her team

Laura is responsible for eCommerce buying and planning, as well as merchandising and trading those products on the Scotch & Soda website.

“Our key challenge is to find the right assortment for the right audience. We need insight into what our customers are engaging with and looking for when they come to our website. We want our users to find the product they are looking for, in the best way possible.”

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What was life like before Contentsquare?

Laura paints us a picture: “We had massive difficulties accessing data fast enough and in a visual way. We had Google Analytics, so the data was there, but we didn’t have the time and resources to have it displayed in a fast and visual way. For instance, we were spending hours finding out how many clicks there were on a certain element.”

It was so time consuming, we had no data analytics team, everyone was working on their own data. So it was a priority to find a tool where everyone gets access to data. A platform that works across all teams and levels.


“From a communication standpoint, visual data is meaningful.”

In her role, Laura has to present data back to senior stakeholders within the eCommerce team. But when Google Analytics hands you a table of numbers, it’s just not engaging or visual enough.

scotch and soda zoning analysis


“We’re already using the CS Live Chrome Extension to quickly show live data in trade meetings and to senior stakeholders in other teams. In seconds, we have data showing engagement with the navigation, categories, genders, and countries.

It would have taken us ages to access something like this before. It’s a good example of super quick, visual, meaningful data.”


Why did Contentsquare stand out to you?

“For me, it was really how complete the platform is. We had other tools that would do one or a few things, like heat mapping. Our heat mapping tool worked great for our content team, but it didn’t allow my team to measure navigation engagement, for instance, as they were not static elements. So our single solution tools weren’t enough.”

Contentsquare has all the capabilities we need, not only for content, but site merchandising, UX, performance marketing, and eCommerce teams. I’ve never seen a tool that supports all teams so well.

“I also love how customizable it is, to a level where it fits and suits different roles’ needs. For example, I could have a mapping for gender in the upper funnel, whereas a UX manager could have a mapping for the checkout.”


What insights has Contentsquare revealed so far?

“Interestingly, the data has confirmed one of my biggest gut feelings. In our NL market, the trade insight and sales numbers show that we make more sales for menswear. But I had a gut feeling we have a large audience who are interested in womenswear but don’t convert.

Using Contentsquare, we could see that our users engage mostly with womenswear (although we’re not assuming they are women users!).

If we’d only looked at sales numbers, we’d have missed a huge opportunity to convert those browsers interested in womenswear. Contentsquare confirms our hypotheses so quickly – the access to fast data is invaluable.”


And lastly, the golden question: If you were recommending CS to a friend, what would you say?

If you’re struggling with access to quick data and the visualization of data, Contentsquare is the one tool I’ve found to be the one-stop solution.

I’ve worked at brands like Nike before and even when they have an analytics team in place (plus tools like Tableau and Adobe Analytics) they’ve still implemented Contentsquare. I mean, this goes to show there is an added value in Contentsquare – even with all the resources and maturity of an established brand. 

A little word from us at Contentsquare

“Amsterdam-based Scotch & Soda started in 1985 and rapidly became known for their progressive style and unexpected details. I’ve shopped in their stores myself (a proud owner of a winter jacket that I wore for many years!) and I’ll never forget the combination of great denim-styled shop personnel and a very pleasant fragrance in the store. Scotch & Soda has a strong omnichannel strategy and with online becoming more and more significant, it’s essential to have an impeccable digital experience to create loyal customers. We are teaming up with the bright minds at Scotch & Soda and by investing in digital experience analytics, they can call themselves among the first adopters in the Netherlands.”

— Tjeerd van der Putten, Director Netherlands, Contentsquare

About Contentsquare

We’re on a mission to give every digital team the ability to measure how their actions affect the user experience on their website, mobile sites, and apps. Not just the analysts. Not just some of the time. Not just some of the data.

Our platform tracks billions of digital interactions and turns these behaviors into intelligent recommendations everyone can use to improve digital experiences, grow revenue, and fuel innovation.

About Scotch & Soda

Born in Amsterdam, Scotch & Soda celebrates the free spirit of its birth city. Endlessly optimistic, the brand champions individuality, authenticity, and the power of self-expression to create the unique – an attitude reflected in its designs. The Scotch & Soda collections include menswear, womenswear, kidswear, denim, eyewear, fragrances, and accessories, occupying a unique space in today’s global fashion landscape.

Collections can be found globally in 229 freestanding stores across Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia, as well as in 7.000 doors in some of the world’s biggest cities, including New York, London, and Paris. The brand’s online operations also ship to over 70 countries.

For more information, please visit scotch-soda.com